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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Japanese Curry Rice from Pasar Malam

Two weeks ago on a lazy Saturday night, I was at home (too tire to go out, been going out from Wednesday to Friday) catching up on TVB drama series. Then it was dinner time, I know that the nearby taman, Taman Sri Bintang got pasar malam (night market) every Saturday evening. So, I drove there to get my dinner to be pack home so that I can watch TV while eating lol.

As I walk towards the pasar malam, I noticed the make shift stall that is on a small lorry. The stall is selling Japanese food. There's no sashimi of course. There's Japanese chicken curry rice, Japanese prawn curry rice and assorted tempura. RM 4.50 for Japanese chicken curry rice is a bargain compared to when you it in Japanese restaurant. One on the go please :p

I then walk for awhile in the pasar malam to see what's there to offer. I bought a few sticks of fried stuff and two dust removing cloth (RM 10 for two and works very well in removing dust from TV and other stuff).

The Japanese chicken curry rice do taste authentic like what you will find in Japanese restaurant. Also given is a small portion of sliced cabbage with Japanese mayonaise. I can do with a larger portion of the salad. The only down side is that they don't sell Japanese pork curry rice. Which will be using buta katsu instead of tori katsu. Nevertheless, it's still very appetizing.

Rating: 3.5/5

I was already quite full after eating the curry rice but I still have a few sticks of fried stuff to finish. Well, no choice. I'll start with my favourite, fried chicken backside ;) (those with heart problem please don't try this at home) Now I know why my blood pressure is at so high when I checked in the clinic a few days ago. Sigh, no more buttock for me.

Next one on the list is fried sotong (squid). They only use the tentacles part. Crunchy.

After the squid, I am really very full. So, I saved the fried dried tofu and fried fu chuk for supper.

It's really fun to go to pasar malam and hit on the food there once in a while. You might find some interesting food there.


Baby said...

luckily i'm eating otherwise i'll ve drooling..

ai wei said...

pasar malam pun got jap curry @@

first time saw this

Simon Seow said...

Baby: lol, lucky you

ai wei: nowadays in pasar malam you'll find many unexpected things.