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Monday, September 7, 2009

Hong Kong's Food Culture, Low Yat Plaza

Not long ago I went to Redbox, Low Yat Plaza for Manhand meet the fans session. I woke up quite late and didn't have any food. I reached Low Yat at around 6.30 p.m. and the event only starts at 8p.m. So I went around to look for food and I don't want food that is too heavy. I remembered that there is a Hong Kong style restaurant here that sells Mongkok style street food outside the restaurant.

Funny that the English name of the restaurant is Hong Kong's Food Culture is the translation of the meaning of it's Chinese name "港饮港食". I think this is the only place in KL where you can find 旺角 (Mongkok) style street food. Those of you that went to Hong Kong before and visited Mongkok can find popular Hong Kong street snacks like curry fish ball, smelly tofu, sharkfin bowl and etc.

In 港饮港食, while you won't be able to find all the snacks from Mongkok, you'll get some of the more popular.

Curry fish ball, RM2 for 3 balls. I ordered 3 balls :p

Fried stuff like spring roll, Taiwanese sausage and my favourite 炸大腑 (fried pork intestine). I bought a stick of 炸大腑 for RM 2.50. It's not as big as those found in Mongkok, Hong Kong but it's enough as a temporary fix when I crave for Mongkok street food.

Curry pork skin. If that's what you call 猪皮 in English.

Shredded chicken sharkfin bowl.

A nice place for a quick fix of Hong Kong street snacks without having to fly to Hong Kong.

I then went to Redbox for the Manhand event. There the fans received some Manhand postcards and a mini autograph session was conducted.

They are very friendly as usual. MC Bee can even remember my name.

With DJ Point.

With Von.

With MC Bee aka Beeman.

With MC Toy.

Yours truly with Manhand.

Manhand will be one of the performing group at T. Music Fest this coming 12th September and also at the Arthur's Day Concert this coming 25th September. Have you got your tickets yet? I already got mine to the former.


ai wei said...

spotted this HK snack but always din get to try it. is the food good???

ahlost said...

I want to eat Taiwan Sausage.. but now cannot.. super sourish mouth after braces tightening T__T

Simon Seow said...

ai wei: well, u should next time you go there

ahlost: well, wait after it's not that sourish lor

thenomadGourmand said...

actually the inside restaurant serves very good milk egg pudding.. rich and aromatic!

ling239 said...

low yat?
is causeway bay still thr ?

taufulou said...

wow....nice to take a pic with them~

Tummythoz said...

Ana I just scored mine to Arthur's!

Simon Seow said...

Becky: oh is it? next time I'll go try it out.

ling: not sure, didn't quite explore the other side.

taufolou: yeah, it's a very close encounter lol

Tummythoz: ???

kenwooi said...

HK food? haha..
ok.. must try it one day.. =D