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Monday, August 16, 2010

We Can Has Free Beer

Last Thursday I went to Asia Cafe to queue up for my free beer after seeing so many people Tweeting about it. If you follow my Tweeter, you'll know that I Tweeted about it quite a lot too. I arrived at about 4.30 pm not many were there yet. As I was walking around looking to order food, I bumped into Serge. Not long after that Jessica came and we sat together.

I ordered Korean food, Pork Kimchi Soup. Seraph Sam ordered a teh ais and the three of us didn't order any drinks because we wanted to wait for the free beer.

My breakfast

Then we saw the free beer flyer stating that free beer will only start to be given out at 6pm. We have to wait for one more hour. We were thirsty after eating, so we ordered drinks too.

Starts only at 6pm

They forgot the sugar and the waiter gave me sugar for my Teh C ais -_-

Then more and more people came. Wen Pink, Wilson, Suresh, Adele, Karen, Yuen Yee, Huai Bin, Michael, Timothy, SaiMatKong and many more. At 5.50 pm, I saw there's not queue yet, so I went up to queue. I was the 2nd in the queue. After that many more people started to queue up.

Yes. The free beer is Tiger Beer with the new can design

Wen Pink, Huai Bin, Jessicca & Serge in the 2nd line

This queue is not long yet

Each of us can take 4 cans and you can queue up again if you want to take another 4 cans. There's group of people that goes so many rounds that after the cut off, they've collected about 8 crates of Tiger beer. 1 crate has 4 dozens can. That's about 384 cans. Talk about kiasuism.

We can has free BEER!

It was a fun evening queuing for free beer with some fellow bloggers. I then joined another group of friends to savour their free beers.


HitoMi Ng said...

woo haha...KIASU betul wakaka...