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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get Your Free Step Up 3D Movie Tickets

Have you login to check you Friendster account lately?


Well, now it is time to login to your Friendster account.


Well, just by login in and post a comment you'll be able to stand a chance to win movie tickets to Step Up 3D.

Friendster recently launch one of their new portal Friendster Fizz,  a new Friendster Official Profile which allows the Malaysian Friendster community to join as a fan, and win freebies all year round. There are 2 concurrent promotions going on in Fizz. The first promotion is with Step Up 3D.

I checked out Friendster Fizz and saw a lot of good movies in the line up. Hey, now we got more venue to win free movie tickets, isn't that nice?

In order to participate, interested fans would just need to post a comment on why they would like to win those preview passes! Additional gifts to be given away to fan who post creative dance poses on their profile pages. These includes exclusive Step Up 3D movie premiums, and Celebrity Fitness vouchers. Contest ends on 18th August.Simple isn't it?


Hayley said...

Simple... but I forgot my Friendster password already.... =_=

Simon Seow said...

You can retrieve your password from the system ga ma.