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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Repo Men

In a distance future not far away. Biotechnology has taken a big leap that now artificial bio mechanical internal organ was invented. Patients with cancers now could have a new leaf of life with these artificial organs. Those with kidney failure can have a new kidney without waiting for someone's kidney that is suitable. Not to mention liver, pancreas, esophagus and etc. You name it, The Union got it. But the organs comes with a hefty price.

No worries there because the Union has an easy payment installment scheme with just 19% interest per annum to help those in need but can afford to pay the full amount in one time. You owe it to family, you owe it to yourself. So, if it's your life that's at stake, surely you will sign the deal for that much needed organ that will save your life.

What if I missed the installment? Do not worry because The Union is so good that we will give you up to 96 days of grace period if ever you were haven't difficulty to pay on time. What if I can't pay up even after the grace period? Ah, then we will have our trained expert to come and take back the merchandise. Just like a car or a house, if you missed payment for three months, the bank will send their man to repossessed the car or house.

That basically what a repo man does in the story. Jude Law is one of them that does the dirty works. I am very glad that the censorship board didn't lay any cut or they were so good in cutting that I barely noticed it. Blood and gore is intact. Vulgarity is intact. Thus, this movie is rated 18.

While the plot is a bit predictable for me, it's still entertaining. The blood and gore is really not for everyone whom couldn't stand looking at live surgery. This is when scene of extracting the artificial organ. But if you like SAW series, Repo Men is just chicken feet to you. I do know of someone who watched the movie the same night as I did, didn't like the movie.

Jude Law has done a fairly good job in portraying a ruthless repo man in the beginning, extracting organs from defaulter without a blink of an eye. Until he himself needed an artificial heart transplant after an accident while he was trying to extract, ironically an artificual heart from a defaulter. After that, he didn't have the heart to do it anymore (extracting organ from defaulter). Because his bio-mech heart doesn't comes free, and he became a defaulter himself. Now he have to run from other repo men and one of them is his long time friend and partner (Forest Whitaker). Will he succeed in running away or take down The Union even? Well, Repo Men is showing on the cinemas now, go and watch for yourself.

Rating: 7/10


Michelle Chin said...

I actually saw this trailer before Inception was aired. Thought I would watch it just because of Jude Law. :)

Simon Seow said...

Michelle: Jude Law is good in the movie. said...

wow, another good movie... wanna watch it!

nanged u. Srill blurr with ur future? Achieve ur dreams by nanging this.

Simon Seow said...

Iyou: yeah go watch it.

Carrie said...

this movie sucks la....