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Monday, August 2, 2010

Sorry Katy Perry, I Didn't Wait For You

Last Saturday it was fun outing to MTV World Stage 2010 live in Malaysia. It is not without any hiccups though.

First, there's the rain that seems to never stop after it came. Hence most of the peeps there queuing up have to wear poncho or use an umbrella. The poncho is given free by MTV when you show the World Stage ticket.

I started to queue up after the heavy rain at around 7.30 pm. The gate opens at 4 pm. Yet the queue is still bloody long. Until Sunway Inn according to SaiMatKong. Lucky for me I bumped into Nicole, Yi Wern and Tian Chad, so I can cut into their queue. Saves me half the time.

This is just half of the queue.

By the time we reached the stage, Bunkface already finished their gigs.

Look at the crowds.

Our timing is good because not long after that, it's time for Wonder Girls to perform. This will be their first time performing in Malaysia. They did a few songs and sang a bit of rock version of Nobody. Then they went to change their dress for the song everyone is waiting for. Nobody.

Here's a video I took using my LG GW525 on Wonder Girls performing Nobody at MTV World Stage live in Malaysia. Quality is not that good and the crowds are very high.

After Wonder Girls, we have to wait like about 1 and a half hour for Tokio Hotel because the rains seems to have cause some technical hiccups. Well, the wait is worth it though because Tokio Hotel can really heat up the crowds and their music rocks.

After Tokio Hotel performed for about an hour, we thought Katy Perry will come out very soon. Nah, wrong! Another 1 hour of waiting and there's still no Katy Perry. By 11.30 pm, I can't stay anymore because I have to meet up with Justin in Opera Club for the World Stage Post Party and I am damn thirsty and hungry. While I was walking away, I heard VJ Utt telling the crowds that Wonder Girls will come out to sing one more song before Katy Perry. -___- You can imagine what time Katy Perry will starts to sing lol. Sorry Katy but I can't wait for you.

After meeting up with Justin and two of his friends. We went to Wong Kok, Sunway Pyramid. I had Baked Cheese Rice with Pork Chop in Portuguese Sauce. Boy, was I hungry.

My newly met friend, Angel took out her new toy, Hello Kitty Polaroid camera to play with. She just got it online.

Even the photo frame have Hello Kitty printed on it.

It's time to go to the post party after filling up my stomach. We got the passes thanks to Hennessy. Two more passes are from Jane.

We thought could at least spot a glimpse of the Wonder Girls or Katy Perry there. Fat chance. VIP passes is nothing, it's just a ticket to going to Opera Club on that night and have 4 free drink vouchers. You must have VVIP if you want to have a glimpse of the celebrity. Sigh. I should have stayed for you Katy Perry. T_T

Sorry, Wonder Girls are not available at the moment.

Well, as a consolation, I did get close to see VJ Utt and the newly crown MTV VJ Holy doing report on the post party outside Opera Club when we were leaving for yum cha session. I had 5 pack of Hennessy, dizzy.

VJ Holy and VJ Utt

Quite an enjoyable concert if not for the hiccups. Post party sucks if you're not VVIP.


Sholee said...

Cool camera! Anyway I heard Katy Perry was really good and entertaining... you should have waited for her :p

Simon Seow said...

No choice lor have to meet up with Justin. He don't have enough passes to go in for the post party.

Anonymous said...

Me & my friends didn't wait for Katy either. Too damn tired.