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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pork Pie and Chinese Chives Pie From TMN Sri Bintang Pasar Malam

Again last Saturday I went to hunt for food in the pasar malam (night market) in Taman Sri Bintang. I blogged about the Penang Nasi Lemak that is also found here. I wanted to try something a little different from the usual fare in a pasar malam. As I walked about, I spotted this.

Pork Pie & Leek Pie? (韭菜) Chinese Chives to be correct.

The Pork Pie (鲜肉煎包) (RM 2) and Chinese Chives (韭菜煎包) pie (RM 1.50) which is more like a puff shaped bao to me is grilled instead of the normal steamed. Hence, the other skin will be crispy.

What I like about this stall is that the bao is freshly wrapped on the spot with fresh ingredients instead of using frozen dough and pre-wrapped ingredients.

On the way to my car, I saw the Mat Dou Yao (乜都有) (which means everything also have in Cantonese) truck. So, I bought a big Mat Dou Yao (RM 4.80) for dessert. Loads of goodness in the lin chi kang.

Yes. Semua aku mau.

The pork pie and the Chinse Chives pie are definitely a good buy. The outer is very crispy yet the inner part is still soft like your normal bau. The ingredients inside still retains the juice. Yummy.

Rating: 4/5

I then wash it down with a cool bowl of Mat Dou Yao. Satisfaction.

Rating: 3.5/5

Note: Pictures are taken using my LG GW525 3MP camera. So quality is a bit low.

Pasar Malam Taman Sri Bintang
6pm - 11pm every Saturday