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Friday, July 9, 2010

Penang Nasi Lemak at TMN Sri Bintang Pasar Malam

It's been a long time that I never been to any pasar malam near my area. Last Saturday I suddenly have a urge to go for a walk in the pasar malam in Taman Sri Bintang, which is just next to my taman. As I was walking, I got attracted by this stall selling Chinese style nasi lemak.

The signage says Penang Nasi Lemak but I don't really know if it's really Penang nasi lemak because I am not from Penang wtf. I'm not too sure about the seafood too because I don't see many seafood dishes there on the stall.

One very obvious difference between Chinese style nasi lemak and normal nasi lemak is you'll see pork luncheon meat and some other dishes that you'll find in an economy rice stall. Actually you can ask for plain white rice instead of the coconut milk rice used in nasi lemak.

There's your sambal sotong, kerang, bawang, and chicken curry that goes with your nasi lemak. There's also rendang style dishes.

This is what I tapaoed. Fried small shrimps with belacan (it's very nice, I think this is quite Penang because I don't find it in other nasi lemak stall). 韭菜蛋 (gao choi dan) Chinese chives omelette is the dish that attracted me to this stall, look at the generous amount of gao choi. You almost can see the yellow colour from the egg. Last but not least rendang chicken. Satisfying dinner.

Taman Sri Bintang Pasar Malam
Every Saturday 6pm to 11pm


mimid3vils said...

It's near my house too but never go to this pasar malam, I think it's too short if compare to Sunday one at Kepong Baru

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

the last photo makes me salivated! sound really yummy since I'm a Nasi Lemak Lover!

babe_kl said...

yohhhh your packet overflowing with liew! nice leh and i spotted luncheon meat

foodbin said...

I like the sambal dried shrimp-quite rare-how much does it cost?

Simon Seow said...

mimid3vil: I have to work on Sunday, so rarely go to that pasar malam.

Sonia: haha, I know u're a nasi lemak lover

babe_kl: It's because the packet too small lol. I only put 3 liew.

foodbin: The whole thing cost RM 6.50. The shrimp alone I'm not too sure.