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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy

Ah, Mother Russia has a job for me. Who am I? Well, you see my name is Viktor Von Nomis, and I am a Russian spy. You can call me Viktor or Nomis but usually I don't goes by my real name. I used to work for the KGB but now I am a freelance but still offers my service to my beloved Mother Russia.

It all started two days ago when the ex-director of KGB gave me a call. "Viktor, I have a very important mission for you. It's a matter of life and dead.", Mikhail, the ex-director said to me on the secured line. "What is it that I can do for you, Director Mikhail?", I asked. "I need you to fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to retrieve a specific Sony bloggie™ camera from the premiere screening of Who Is Salt? There's a very sensitive information stored in the camera and if it's leaked out, Mother Russia will be doom.", Director Mikhail told me in a very nervous voice. "Okay. Send me the details and I'll be on my way.", I replied. Since Director Mikhail has been very good to me during my days in the KGB, I'll return him this favour.

26th July 2010, the time is 8.45 pm, I am now at GSC cinema, Mid Valley. I managed to find out where is the Sony bloggie™ camera that has the important information stored in it. It will be given out tonight to the winner of the best written blog post for the Nuffnang Who is Salt premiere screening event, courtesy of Sony Pictures. It's a piece of cake for me to switch the camera with an identical one. The organizer didn't noticed one bit that the camera was switched. I enjoyed the premiere screening by impersonating a guest named Kenny Sia.

I planned to take a detour to Sydney before going back to Russia. I will be impersonating as the winner of the ongoing “Who Is SALT” Contest by Sony Pictures, where the winner stand a chance to win a 4-day trip to Sydney, Australia and many more prizes! By this way, I can make sure that I won't leave a clean trail.

Just received another mission. My next target will be him.

Mission accomplished. Oh, by the way, I did a little check on the information that is stored in the Sony bloggie™ camera and I found out the so call important information is pictures of Director Mikhail naked with another woman (not his wife) in a very compromising position. Life and death, huh. Well, I got to give it to the old man to still have so much energy. Don't he knows that the pictures can be uploaded to Picasa with Sony bloggie™ camera. Tsk, tsk. До свидания!


suhaisweet said...

Visiting here..luv your layout..nice..My very da very latest 4 today friend.. Dangerous!

BB_hwiyee said...

a visit^^

BB_hwiyee said...

a visit^^

Simon Seow said...

suhai: hello

BB: thanks for dropping by ;0

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Hope to see you at screening! Gee, hope I can the invitations also XD

clover (Kah Khin) said...

LoL! creative blog^^, hope u can win one^^

Simon Seow said...

Vin Tsen: hope to see you too. don't worry should be able to get if u post early.

Clover: thanks ;)