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Friday, July 30, 2010

LG Cookie Monster Party

Most of you would have read about LG Cookie Monster Party in blogs by now. So, I will not write to long about this awesome party. In other words, I'm plain old lazy.

I'll post some of the pictures I took and a bit of text. Okay?

The very beautiful Nuffy, Jestina.

Tian Chad whom is getting popular and also won a lot of contest.

Speaking of contest, Nicole here is having a winning streak too. She won the best pre-event post and won herself a LG Cookie 3G phone. On the left is her sister Yi Wern.

Bloody Mummy Coco here won Best Female Costume. Yes, she won herself a LG Cookie 3G too.

WiLee comes as Chinese CorpseBride.

Audrey holding a Cookie Monster and Timothy wearing a Domokun T-shirt.

This pretty Nuffy Rachel here can dance babeh.

Meet new friend Cayenne. I found out that my cousin Claire's friend later.

One of my fav costume of the night, Stitch. Cute, no?

I can't quite recognize Tziaaa.

But I am able to recognize Adele.

Kenny the MC of the night. He's Shrek.

Nicholas the Malays Country Manager of Nuffnang gives a brief speech.

There's a cookie eating contest.

While they are eating cookies, I went for some real food. ;)

Jolyn came as Many-Eyes-Bunny.

Highlight of the night. Wonder Nuffies dancing Nobody.

Watch the video. You won't regret it.

Jason is now based in KL. That's Miao's hand by the way lol.

Predator won the Best Male Costume. I was one of the best 5 best male costume that night. Don't play-play.

Kenny interviewing Nicole on the Best Pre-event Post win.

Many bloggers asked me what am I that night. Okay. Here's the answer. I am Vegeta under Babidi's control. More correctly is Vegeta let himself to be controlled by Babidi so that he can fight with Son Goku. So, did my makeup works?


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

u're more handsome than bezita k..

Simon Seow said...

Nicole: lol thanks.

smallkucing said...

Great party and a monster good post :p

TianChad田七 said...

Wah thanks for promoting me to make me become famous haha

It is stil a long way to go to become a succesful blogger o

Simon Seow said...

smallkucing: haha thanks

Tian Chad: No prob

goingkookies said...

whoa.. the wondergirls nuffies were good! hehe.. especially the middle front row one..

Biopolymath said...

Exotic dress!