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Monday, July 5, 2010

Urbanscapes 2010

Last last Saturday I dropped by to visit Urbanscapes 2010 at KLPAC, Sentul. I reached there around 5pm and parking is not a problem.

I didn't buy the ticket because I don't plan to go to the performance that need a ticket to access.

Map that shows what's happening.

The Kampung house from Projek Rumah Angkat.

As I was strolling around looking at the stalls, I bumped into Katherine and Biresh.



The Kampung house actually has multipurpose functions. One of it is a photo studio.

Katherine taking picture in the photo studio.

I then goes separate way to the other side where Tongue in Chic stall is at. Here is also where all the food stalls are placed.

Palate Palette is here as of last year. They seems to be the favourite among the patrons there.

Their lamb hotdogs are selling like hot cakes.

Other stalls there are rain-dough desserts.

Funny that they're selling fish n chips too.

Dessert's Bar has a stall there too.

Hachigo Yakitori. I think both are from the same management.

Wondermilk Cafe, first time I heard of this cafe.

Pastry seems to be their specialty.

Then there's our local pasar malam food fare.

But not your normal pasar malam price lol.

Very tempting but alas I have to forgo because I was recovering from food poisoning that happened two days before.

It will never be a real local fare if there's no Ramli burger.

I can only eat porridge. T_T

Off I go into the KLPAC building for some air-con.

KLue magazine is selling some pin-up button with words like I (heart) Ampang, I (heart) Bangsar and etc. I can't find I (heart) Segambut or I (heart) Kepong though. I wondered why.

What's up? Only for ticket holders though.

A tribute to Yasmin Ahmad.

This is what I come for but I was late. Mualaf was showing when I reached here and I already have the original DVD. I won't be staying that late for Talentime too because there's World Cup match at 10 pm :p I guess I'll have to buy the original DVDs.

I've wrote that the Kampung house has multipurpose functions, right? Another one is karaoke station. The patrons are invited to sing karaoke on the balcony.

Oh, and guess who I met there.

Hanis, getting prettier each time I met her.

Also met Nigel, Kel Li, David and Hsu Jen.

Hsu Jen & Kel Li.

The sun is setting.

An idea for your Project 365?

Lastly, I'll leave you with a video of Nobody performed by Malaysia's Wonder Boys. Be warned, they are very annoying.


choi yen said...

My hubby participated in the Project Angkat Rumah :P

Simon Seow said...

mimid3vils: nice, I was too lazy to participate :p

HitoMi Ng said...

The wonder boys are super stupid lo >.<

Hayley said...

Lots of malay snacks! and your friend Katherine is sweet!

Simon Seow said...

Hitomi: lol they just want to annoy everyone gua

Simon Seow said...

Hayley: yeah it's like a small pasar malam, she'll be happy to hear that lol.

J said...

Wah. Malaysia oso got Wonder Boys. Malaysia boleh! Haha....

Simon Seow said...

J: Malaysia memang boleh lol