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Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup Withdrawal Syndrome

Congratulation to Spain for the 8th country to win the World Cup. Even though I supported Germany and Spain defeated Germany in the semi final, I must agree that Spain is the better team. The best team in the world right now you might say. Especially the Spanish goal keeper Iker Casillas that won the adidas Golden Glove award, if not for his great saves, Netherlands might have scored a few goals already.

The next big tournament will be European Cup 2012, which will be another two years. Germany with the youngest team ever has a very good potential to give Spain a hard time in Euro Cup 2012. Especially Thomas Muller which has won both the adidas Golden Boot and the Hyundai Best Young Player Award. So, look out for Germany in the coming years.

As World Cup 2010 draws it's curtain, life for most football fans will take some getting used to. There won't be football everyday like during the group matches. It's already quite hard for me to wait a few days in between the quarter finals and semi finals and final. Now I'll have to slowly adjust myself to nights with out live football telecast.

Good thing is that I'll only have to hold for one month because Barclay Premiere League 2010/2011 will starts on August 14th 2010. There will be football every weekend to look forward to. Then slowly there will be Champions League, too bad Liverpool won't be playing because they finished 5th in the last Barclay Premiere League. I'm not a Liverpool fan though :p Hope Rooney will get over England's defeat and get back in form for his club Manchester United. Let's get another Treble ManU!

Okay. I'll try to do something else during 10 pm and 2.30 am now that World Cup 2010 has ended. See you again in 4 years time in Brazil, World Cup.


Hayley said...

Yay! glad that the world cup has finally over! no particular reasons, just feel better, LOL.

Michelle Chin said...

So addictive right? That's why I will never want to watch world cup again. I was once a fanatic fan myself (Japan/Korea). Sigh.

Anyway, my new link is

Simon Seow said...

Hayley: I guess you don't like World Cup that much eh lol.

Michelle: yeah, getting use to it, can't wait for BPL to start.