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Friday, January 22, 2010

花園餐廳 Garden Restaurant、Hong Kong

Okay. Continue with my Hong Kong EatravelTM post. On the fifth day, I went to lunch with my aunt and my cousin brother Keith. Yum cha in Yuen Long. I follow my aunt's maid to take the bus to Yuen Long. She had to go to the market to buy some fruits.

Typical Hong Kong wet market.

When we walked out of the market, I saw this shop selling economy rice. I didn't know that Hong Kong also go economy rice kind of style. The queue is quite long too.

This is the light railway in Yuen Long. Very convenient. Can change to West Railway in the Yuen Long Station. Then from the West Railway can change to MTR in Lai Chi Kok Station.

After that, I finally met up with my aunt and she brought me to this restaurant called 喜尚嘉喜宴會廳 (Plentiful Delight Banquet) that serve not only dim sum but also got Japanese food like sashimi and sushi. It's very a very big restaurant. Which is kind of rare in Hong Kong.

There's a lot of live seafood too in the restaurant's aquarium.


Fresh abalone.

Plentiful Delight Banquet.

Some of the food I had is;

Uni sushi (Sea Urchin Sushi)

Har Gao (Prawn Dumpling)

Fresh Prawn Chee Cheong Fun. I like the premium soya sauce used.

Friend spring roll.

Char Leong (Chee Cheong Fun wrap yao char kwai)

Bamboo beef balls.

Pork belly bun.

Roasted goose thigh noodle. They don't have lai fun.

Shark-fin dumpling.

Lotus paste bun. A must try. It's not too sweet and the bun skin is very nice.

Police van. If PDRM put more of this van on the street, I sure crime rate will go down.

After the fulfilling meal, Keith took me to the bus stop to take a bus to Tsim Sha Tsui. This is his ride.

No lah just kidding. Keith drives a Porsche Carrera not a Lamborghini.

I took the bus from Yuen Long and half an hour later I reached Tsim Sha Tsui. I went to Waterfront. There's a shopping center here call Elements. You can opt to take the MTR to Kowloon Station and the exit is Elements.

I came here to find Jane whom is staying in one of the condo there with her Hong Kong husband Maori. The security in the condo is so tight. There's already a checkpoint near the gate before I even go in to the area.

Jane's cat Mao Mao.

I followed Jane to Elements to take the birthday cake that she ordered for Maori's birthday the next day. I saw a Charcoal Swiss Roll that looks very tempting but I didn't buy it. Have to save money lol.

After putting the cake into the fridge, we then took a shuttle bus from the condo to Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. We went to the Star House to look for a Swiss Travel Multi Adaptor for my cousin Elaine. Alas, I didn't buy it either because the one we found doesn't have USB. We then went to Esprit Outlet. The clothes there are so damn affordable. I can't help but bought a long sleeves shirt. It cost HKD 250, original priced at HKD 499.

We had coffee at Starbucks. When it's time for dinner. Jane suggested to go try the soya sauce steak lol, in the other words Hong Kong Style steak. One of the more popular Hong Kong Style Steak House is 花園餐廳 Garden Restaurant. There's a few outlet in Hong Kong. One of it is in Tsim Sha Tsui.

When you order any steak, it will come with the meal bun. Jane told me the bun is very nice. It's very fluffy. I suspect she came here for the bun instead of the steak lol.

You can opt of cream corn soup or Russian broth.

I ordered the Wagyu Steak Set, HKD 102.

All the steak came in sizzling style.

Now I know where Kim Gary copied their steak set from.

I ordered my Wagyu steak to be medium-well, which I regretted because the hot plate cooked my medium-well to well done lol. Should have opted for medium-rare.

Let's dig in.

Well, the steak is nothing to wow about but it is the culture that I wanted to try. I can always go to Kim Gary now if I miss the soya sauce steak.

Tea or coffee that goes with the set.

Jane is so nice to pick up the tab. Thank you Jane. When you come to Malaysia I'll treat you Kim Gary lol.


花園餐廳 Garden Restaurant
122-126, China Hong Kong Center Basement,
Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong

Tel: 852-2375 5825

Click here for the other branches address.


ai wei said...

wahhh, uni uni uni!!!

Simon Seow said...

oishii desu

PeckWm said...

I had the most expensive Wagyu steak at damansara perdana.. RM138. Maria's cafe.
No idea whether I'm being cheated or not..