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Friday, July 10, 2009

Tiger Nuffnang Standout Party

Simon Says: Some company grabbed Cindy's domain and she didn't even have chance to announce it. She now blog in Remember to update your link guys.

Last month, a patient from Tanjung Rambutan, Seow Lang (crazy person in Hokkien) here who thinks that himself is Superman broke out from the mental hospital and ran into a bunch of people that were also not mentally stable in the Tiger Nuffnang Standout Party in HQNine, Plaza TTDI. He met Osama and try to stop him from killing all the people there.

Seow Lang met a lot of people there. He saw SweatBackFromUSA and her friend.

Seow Lang even met TheMumbler that he's been following but didn't get to meet.

Seow Lang can't decide whether to rescue TheJapaneseDamselInDistress or TheKoreanMaidenNeedingHelp first.


There's also a doll that turned into real human.

Seow Lang feel so privileged to be in The Privileged Standouts because he's standout in life.

He got to meet his fellow super heroes, The Extra Power Puff Girls. Especially the leader GreenPuff and the BluePuff that he met before.

There's WenWenNuffie all the way from Singapore.


Even SixthSeal came to the ground from the sea to this party.

There's his high school junior of 12 years?

EdwardScissorsHand that brought home the big prize. Careful with those hand will ya.

RainRain Nuffie. This is one rain that Seow Lang welcomes anytime.

ギョギョ, reminded him of one of his favourite manga.

HungryPam came late and hit the food straight away. Ah, a Dimple in Distress.

He was caught by this beautiful NYPDPau for overdosing on Tiger Beer. Lucky for Seow Lang that she's his 学妹 so he was let off with a warning to go to her blog more often :p

Selina, CunGirl and Mr.Horny.

GirlThatIsStudyingOverseaNow is wearing red, Seow Lang's lucky colour.

ThePreviousOwnerofZohan wanted to be a girl with hair on the face.

Susan Bolye got a sex change.

HeWhoJustGraduated and HeWhoJustGotABeemer were the regulars Seow Lang always meet in similar event or party.

SheWhoTreatedMeBirthdayCakeInCinema came as a pirate or S&M mistress. She wanted to chained Seow Lang back to Tanjung Rambutan.

PorkChopThatIsNotPorkChopAtAll went home with a very nice Coach handbag. I bumped into her during lunch time few days ago.

BangianThatSwamAllTheWayBackFromPenangForGood but why she's so dry.

TheKinkyFairy treated Seow Lang a perfect pint few weeks ago. Next time it's on Seow Lang ok? ;)


Seow Lang also want to find a Seow Char Boh after seeing a few pairs of lovely blogger couple in da house that night.



Seow Lang can't decide whether to go to the museum or the hospital.

Seow Lang met TheSpartans that took away two big prizes.

A pleasant surprise to meet TheCrocodileDundeeGirlThatWorkIntheSameCompany.

SotongThatLikeDurianButNotHisBF is admiring Seow Lang's red underwear.

But alas, Seow Lang was finally dragged back to Tanjung Rambutan and couldn't join the Nuffnangers to break the record of having 52 people yum chaing in Murni's SS2. Seow Lang told me that he had fun though. Up, up and away!!!


ai wei said...

LOL, ur outfit is so different

HitoMi^^ said...

wah sai, now only posted it!! haha
but at least it is a proper one^^

蓝玫瑰Emily said...

I enjoy viewing all your pictures of those other bloggers.

Very very different from the chinese blogmosphere.

Thanks for telling Cindy's link.

Simon Seow said...

Ai Wei: everyone is different lol

Hitomi: yeah, too many backlogs

Emily: i want to start a chinese blog and join you too lol

you read cindy's blog too? ;)

iriene said...

Very entertaining the way u write about each and everyone of the blogger. Your " sense of humour" is of highest grade. Keep it up. Tks and all the best!

Simon Seow said...

iriene: thanks ;)