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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

District 9

After a few years of doing King Kong, the director of Lord of the Ring trilogy, Peter Jackson is finally back with another film that is literally out of this world (even though he's the producer this time not the director, still rawks right? I heard the producer has more power uh umh). Most of us sci-fi fans would have heard of Area 52 and all those US government conspiracy. That's old news, welcome District 9, where No Humans Allowed. So it's finally proven there's alien life form there and they don't come in peace. Co-written and directed by Neill Blomkamp, from the look of the poster alone I will be attracted to watch it.

Thanks to Sony Pictures Malaysia and Nuffnang, I might be able to watch it a day before it opens in the cinema on 13th August 2009. So please let Seow Lang fly into District 9 and save the Dimple in Distress from the aliens. Go here if you're Nuffnang Gliteratti.

Seow Lang with Dimple in Distress

"I want to be in District 9 because I have to turn into Seow Lang and save Dimple in Distress from the aliens in there."