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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chic POP: Touch of Style

Simon Says: Now only I found out that Dawn of MDG2 got a blog here.

I didn't know how I got the email from Tongue In Chic, maybe I forgot that I've subscribe to their mailing list lol. Last month, I got to know about the event Chic POP: Touch of Style organized by the online fashion magazine managed by Joyce. So, I RSVP myself for this event that is to promote fashion and Samsung Ultra Touch phones. Why would I come here for an event of fashion?? Well, first of all it's held in The Apartment, KLCC, which means the finger food will be nice. Next, the co-sponsor is Belvedere Vodka, free booze no? Of course, I will get to meet a lof of chic bloggers there kekeke.

I got myself registered and got a goodies bag. I went upstairs of The Apartment and found out that there will be free flow of Belvedere Vodka cocktails that night. I got myself a glass of vodka mix with blackberry puree, sorry I forgot the name. Get more details of the cocktails here.

I tried another cocktail mix but I found this to be my favourite of all.

There's a makeup counter by Makeup Store setup to give free makeup for the girls there. There is also a DIY counter that let the guests make flower headpiece and bling bling hand phone pouch for themselves. I made myself a flower headpiece. I am the first and only male to make one I think lol.

Cindy was one of the first few to make the bling bling hand phone pouch.

People from Makeup Store putting their magic touch.

Met Missy Cheerio there. We both wore red neck tie. The theme of the night is black with a dash of red mah.

There's some hits and misses in the finger food. Is it always like that for Apartment? lol

The sauce is not bad but the chicken is a bit dry.

My fav of the night, fried eggplant with salsa sauce.

A while later I saw Ming there with her friend Charlotte. I then introduced her to Cindy her senior from Malaysian Dreamgirl lol.

It's not everyday you get to take pictures with girls from Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 1 and Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 together.

A pic with Ruby that I've met first time in LG Angels and Devils party.

Got to meet Hui Wen for the first time. Have been reading her blog for a year.

Kel Li later came with Nigel, David and Hsu Jen. They went home quite early too.

Kel Li and I shooting each other.

Natalie whom's been a long time I didn't meet in events. There was a time that her blog was set to private.

More cocktail please.

Rudy. Vote for him on the Shout Awards for The Coolest Radio Announcer.

Olivia that I seems to bump into in events.

This is Griza before her super makeup from the Makeup Store.

This is her after the super makeup. I like before more than after.

This is Charlotte. She works in 女友 (Nu You magazine).

I think the makeup is actually for the photo session in front of the Chic POP Samsung Ultra background hence it's quite heavy. They will print out the picture on the spot but I can't find mine T_T.

Some of the chosen fashion blogger displayed their choice of clothing there. The winner won the Samsun Ultra Touch phone. Cindy was one of the chosen blogger.

This is a fun fill events with great food, great booze, great activities and great people. Thanks Tongue in Chic.

On the side note. That evening I bought some black pepper roasted pork from Isetan supermarket. They were having 肉の日, hence most gourmet meat have discount up to 50%. I got the black pepper roasted pork for 30% discount. I bought 200g of it. Ate a few pieces as I haven't had dinner yet before going to Chic POP. It's quite nice, the black pepper gives a very unique spiciness. So, if you want to get meat at a valued price, go to Isetan supermarket in KLCC on Thursday.

Goes very well with beer.


taufulou said...

you r jus good in choosing events~

Huai Bin said...

MissyCheerio...she's one of the MWR finalists as well. :)

She was at the ruumz MWR event too.

Simon Seow said...

taufulou: like that also need to be jealous? @_@

Huai Bin: yeah, i know kekeke

Anonymous said...

Simon, Aren't the girl u named Rosy called Ruby...

Simon Seow said...

cwee: yeah, typo typo. thanks