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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet the Ruumz Mate & Launch

Recently, I have had events schedule that clashes with each other. If the venue is totally east and west then I'll have to forgo one. It seems that I was always lucky that the two events that almost happening at the same time were held in venues that is walking distance from each.

I dropped by Sanctuary, The Curve first at around 6.30 p.m. to register myself for the Meet the Ruumz Mate party organized by Ruumz. I get a coupon for a bottle of Heineken ;)

As always the usual suspect, Serge is always early like me.

Very professionally organized, they have tag for blogger and media. Yes, blogger and media are two different entity. Blogger is individual while media is an organization. Blogger has lower readership than most mainstream media unless you're blogger such as Jeff Ooi, Kenny Sia or Rin. Ah, but you won't get a full page post from the media, for magazine it might only be half a page only with pictures and for the national paper it might be stuck somewhere in the pulled out. For a blogger, it will be quite an extensive coverage of the events with links and such. If the blogger like the organizer so much he/she might even put it up for 2 days without any new post, so that it will always be the first post the viewer will see. Hence the pro and con.

Me with my blogger pass.

Sponsoring the hairdo for that evening is Hair Zone by Michael Poh, a very popular hairstylist among the celebrities. Sponsoring the broadband for you to vote for the Ruumz Mate is P1 Wimax featuring Wiggy that give you up to 10 Mbps connection. Faster cover my area in Taman Sri Sinar too P1. I've checked, my house is still not covered T_T

Makeup artist putting up makeup for the contestants. Even male have to be makeup for their best appearance.

I will gladly signup for P1 if these two girls asked me to.

The finalists but not all of them are here. Ellie didn't come that night.

At about 7.30 p.m. I have to make my way to Royale Bintang Hotel, The Curve for the grand launching of It's a magazine that recommend the best place you can find nice food.

Of course, the grand launching of a food magazine is not complete without food. They've invited some of their clients to setup counter there to serve they specialty to the guests there.

Going to both events is really great because I get food here and booze there lol.

Food from Yaki-yaki.

One of my favourite that night is the avocado dip which I think is provided by the Royale Bintang. I have a soft spot for avocado.

Stop food for awhile, it's time for the CEO to give his speech. His name is KY, I was knock back a bit when I first heard of the announcement. His surname is Chia, not Teoh.

After the speech, is the popping the champagne time.

It's time for dessert.

The very limited mango pastry from Zen by Secret Recipe. Luckily I was fast to get one. It was all gone 10 minutes later.

My favourite dessert of the night is of course the one below. See the queue?

I only manage to eat two scoops. Very full already by that time.

Who don't like New Zealand Natural ice-cream?

Coffee making tools and classes available.

I bumped into some fellow foodies there too. Tim, Rebecca, Rachel, BabeKL, and PureGlutton. Poor BabeKL had a very serious case of coughing that she lost her voice and can't eat New Zealand Natural ice-cream. Don't worry, I'll eat more of it for you lol.

It's at about 9.30 p.m. after filling up my stomach with delicious food, I have to rush back to Sanctuary. I've missed the catwalk and they were doing lucky draw already when I reached there.

Calling once, calling twice...

I've spotted a counter like the one below, which is actually giving out freshly rolled tobacco mixed.

I then took the opportunity to take picture with the female finalists.

Amanda was one of them. No prize for guessing whom I voted for.

Huai Bin was there too with his colleagues. He gave me some more Heineken coupon. While sitting with them, the ordered more Heineken. OMG. I had almost 6 to 7 bottles already.

With Huai Bin's colleagues. Siew Hui and Cherry. They were as fun as Huai Bin.

Look who's here? Pete Teo.

We all hung around there until about 2 a.m. While they have to work on the other day, I can sleep till late lol.

It sure was fun running around two events at the same day. Meeting foodies and party animals. Hope next time I don't have to do it again. It's kind of tiring.


Huai Bin said...

Those were whisky coupons, courtesy of the good people in ruumz - Jennifer, LiLian and Azni. :)

I don't have Heineken coupons, we bought the beers.

Damn, was it hard to wake up the next day. ;)

Hayley said...

i'm salivating over the mango pastry

Simon Seow said...

HB: Thanks again. No not too hard because I don't have to work lol.

Hayley: *passes you a tissue*