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Monday, June 25, 2012

Your Friendly Neighbourbood Cockroach-man

If I were given a chance, I would want to get the power of cockroach. Yuck, some of you might say but I have reasons to choose cockroach.

Firstly, cockroach has strong exoskeleton that if it was in human size, it might withstand a hit with a force of thousands of Newton Meter. Which means I can take a lot of hit form Sandman, Lizard, and whatever strong villain.

Cockroach can survive the harshest environment there is and study reported cockroach can with stand a high amount of radioactive exposure and still live. If I was to be captured and was thrown in a deserted island or a faraway dessert, I can survive without food or water for a very long time. I can even eat inorganic materials such as newspaper, sand and whatnot to keep alive. Survivability is the key in being a hero.

With the power of a cockroach, I can easily slip through small openings or cracks and surprise the villain. Think Tooms from The X-files. Climbing up wall or ceiling is not a problem.

Given time, I will be able to grow wings and be a flying cockroach-man. Who needs web to swing when you can fly? Really Spidey, I heard you'll be swinging by this 3rd of July. Want to see who's faster?

Well, there's only one thing I need to improve on.

My costume! I might need to redesign it. In the mean time, this has to work. No matter how I look, I'm still your friendly neighbourhood Cockroach-man. Peace!