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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Watched UEFA Champions League Live in GSC Gold Class

Yes. You read the title correctly. I didn't believe it too. Never in the world would I thought that the first time I enjoy GSC Gold Class facilities is to watch football live in HD projection. All this happened thanks to Heineken.

The reclining sofa is just so comfortable and blanket is provided. In the first half, I watch it while eating popcorn and drinking free flow of Heineken. The best part is I only have to press a button and a new can of iced cold Heineken will be sent to me.

During the first half break, I get to have hotdog for supper. The match between Chelsea and Bayern Munich was quite a good one. Bayern too the lead by Chelsea equalized in the end. So, I ended up watching the match till 5 a.m. with Chelsea winning the Champions League in the penalty shoot out.

This is once in a live time experience. The next best thing to watching it live in a stadium. It's more comfortable though watching it in the Gold Class =P Hope there's more events like this in the future. Thank you again Heineken.


Justin Ng said...


Thanks Simon!