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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Utter Dissapointments in Sepang Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa During Company Team Building

This is the final straw. My department did a cross-department team building trip and we the committe chose to held it in Sepang Golden Palm Tree at Sepang Gold Coast. It was all nice, the facilities are good and room is very nice. I especially like their very comfortable bed. The tea break pastries were excellent.

Things started to go downhill when evening come.

1. Luggages were sent to our rooms quite late. We reached here at around 2pm but our rooms were not ready yet. So, we decided to start our team building session because we've hired two coaches to facilitate our team building activites. The hotel promised to send our luggages to our room but after our team building session, which is about 6 pm, we found that our luggages were not in our room as promised.

2. The buffet dinner is meh. Not only that the food tasted mediorce, the seafood is not very fresh at all. Services is quite poor too. Plates were not clear, the waiters will not attend to you and only after a few calls only then they will attend to you. The choice of dishes is repeated night over night for the cold dishes and salad.

3. In the evening, we were told to turn down our speaker volume because there's some Kementarian heads doing budget in the ballroom next door. Come on, if they want to do budget do in their meeting room, why book a resort's ballroom? Who's paying for that? Not our money? We didn't entertain their request of course but the next day, we found that our speaker volume was tune down to utterly low volume.

4. Some of my colleagues' rooms have no water supply. This drag on for whole day only someone was sent to look into it, and it turned out that the water supply switch was turn off. WTF.

5. Tonight, I thought the BBQ dinner that we've paid extra for will be the saving grace. At first, we were promised BBQ dinner near the beach. Then we were told that the beach was booked for private function and moved us back to the buffet restaurant. So, when we got there, we found out that we will be eating the same kind of buffet that we had yesterday that cost way less than what we'd paid for. Call to complain didn't help. It's too late for them to serve us BBQ because we still have team building session to attend.

In short, Sepang Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa, Sepang Goldcoast has over promised and under delivered. I don't think we will ever come here again for any or our teambuilding trip. Also, the beach here is not very suitable to conduct seaside activities.


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Dear Simon,

I understand what you have gone through during your stay. Everything is 5 class, looks 5 class but unfortunately lacks the service of a 5 star resort.

I too have blogged about my personal experience and disappointments.

I did drop my opinion and blog link on their Facebook page, but unfortunately, unlike a 5 star organization who would contact me to check out on why i made such conclusion about their resort, i guess they pretty much ignored my comments.

I personally would not recommend friends or family to stay there because the food is horrendous. The price is also not worth such stay.