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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Paddock lane at Super GT 2012

Ever wondered what it's like behind the pit, while yesterday I've blogged about the Pit walk, today I'll write something behind the pit. There's a walkway behind the pit, which is the lane for the teams, media and paddock ticket holders to go to their respective area. It's also an area where the race team will take a break when race is not on.

Taking a walk in this paddock lane, almost certain I will bump into some race queens taking a walk.

And when race queens appear, there will surely be photographers and fans surrounding them.

Sometime I pity the race queens, even when they're resting they have to entertain requests to take picture.

Besides race queens, you will see hardworking pit crew doing maintenance on their parts.

But I wondered what's this kiddie pool is for.

Performers for the pre-race will also wait in this area. The Super GT 2012 there was dragon dance and marching band.

I did the Pit Walk for the 2nd time today and I was lucky to be able to see Keiichi Tsuchiya doing interview for a Japanese TV station.

Instead of Race Queens. I'll show you some racers.

D'Station ADVAN GT-R only made two laps and had to forgo the race due to a tire burst.


Our local racer, Fairuz Fauzy. I got his autograph.

This handsome Italian racer is Andrea Caldarelli from Kraft Racing.

So, next year if you are coming to Super GT, get the Pit Walk pass, it will be more fun.