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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fish Head Steamboat at Century Village Eating House

The night following the day that my sister brought me to Chew Kee for the soya sauce chicken noodle, she then brought me to Century Village Eating House in Bedok factory area for fish head steamboat. Fish head steamboat is popular in this eatery my sis told me.

But turn out, we're not ordering fish head lol. We just ordered a sliced fish meat hotpot.

Ordered extra enoki mushroom to be added to the hotpot.

I found that the fish stock taste very nice and has a natural sweetness to it. Dig deeper and I found out why.

The stock is cooked with yam. So, I guess the natural sweetness come from the yam. I can assure that no MSG is added to the stock because I was not thirsty after drinking the soup. The fish sliced is quite fresh too.

Rating: 4/5

We also ordered other dishes to go with white rice.

Beer pork ribs. Not too bad.

Their signature tofu.

Stir-fried vegetable.

We only ordered 3 more dishes because the fish hotpot is actually quite big and filled with generous amount seaweed, cabbage, yam and fish slice.


Century Village Eating House (世纪村餐厅)
Blk 3014 Bedok Industrial Park E #01-2158 Singapore
Tel: +65 6445 0972
Open Daily 11am – 11pm
Nearest MRT Station: Tanah Merah Station.


Michelle Chin said...

Enoki and yam does help make a wicked soup stock! I remember I had shabu shabu at Taiwan, they used yam too!

Hayley said...

Enoki is a must during steamboating! My favourite as well~

Simon Seow said...

Michelle: Yeah. Natural flavour, don't even need ajinomoto.

Hayley: One of my favourite too ;)