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Monday, November 22, 2010

SML Volatile - The Journey to iStyle Fashion KLIA Finale

For those of you that is involve in the fashion industry might know that there's a fashion competition going one between a few fashion design schools here. The competition is iStyle Fashion KLIA. Which obviously took place at KLIA. Tomorrow on Tuesday 23rd November 2010 is the grand finale of this competition. Here's a recap of what team SML Volatile has done so far.

1st Heat – BeAccesserized (2nd November 2010)

SML Volatile get access pass that enabled them to access places such as the Main Terminal Building (MTB), Control Pier (CP), Satellite Building (SAT) and LCCT.

Then they start to familiarized themselves with the environment, especially their styling booth.

Their model for the 1st heat Eliana Efendieva getting her make-up done.

This is the result of their work.

Read more about their 1st Hear here in their official blog.

2nd Heat – Man About Town (9th November 2010)

Very obvious the 2nd Heat's theme is to style a male model. SML Volatile's model for this heat is Isaac Ong

After the make over, NingJen and Gizo of SML Volatlie styled up Isaac with their sponsored products.

So what do you think of the styling? I think it's quite catchy.

After all that, it's time for the photo shoot. Where the end result of the shoot will be judged.

Get the details of Heat 2 here from SML Volatile official blog.

3rd Heat ad campaign – Indulge Till You Fly (16th November 2010)

For the 3rd Heat, SML Volatile has to do an ad campaign for KLIA with the theme title – Indulge Till You Fly. It could be anything from shopping to food or even spa.

There's board displayed in KLIA with the short bio of all the 6 finalist teams.

Their model for this heat – Indulge Till You Fly, is Constance Lau

The stylists of SML Volatile, NingJen and Gizo styling up Constance for the photo shoot session.

I don't have to be a genius to know that kind of indulgence team SML Volatile is going for here.

Get more of the scoop of the 3rd hear here.

The judging for the 3rd heat will start tomorrow 23rd November 2010 (Tuesday). There will also be showcasing of all works and result in KLIA.

Good luck and all the best to team SML Volatile.


Michelle Chic said...

ooh... a fashion scene in KLIA... fabulous!