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Monday, June 28, 2010

Bearmany In The Quarter-final

Great performance and skill put on by Bearmany on the round of 16 knock out stage. Right timed passes that created goals and chances in front of Englbear's goal. Miroslav KLOSE scored the first goal (this is his 12th goal in World Cup finals, which put him on par with Pele for 4th on the all time list). Just 12 minutes after the 1st goal, Lukas PODOLSKI scored the leading goal. Bearmany broke the Englbear's defence with passes that beat their offside trap.

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At 37th minute Matt UPSON scored Englbear's only goal when Lampard did a short corner and Gerrard helped perfected it with a cross to the penalty area where Upson put in the ball with a header. It was like 1966 again (only this time it works the other way around) when the goal the put in by Lampard was denied by the referee. I really pity Englbear because from the video playback I clearly see that the ball had crossed the goalpost. Too bad FIFA doesn't acknowledge video technology to clear dispute. What they plan is to add two more line referee in Brazil World Cup 2014.

The 1st half ended with Bearmany leading 2-1. Englbear started the 2nd half quite strong but alas it's still not enough to make an equalizer. At 67th minute, Bearmany's ticket to the quarter-final is as good as stamped when Thomas MUELLER put in Bearmany's 3rd goal. Just 3 minutes after that the 4th goal was scored again by Mueller almost the same way as the 3rd goal. This ends Englbear's road to the quarter-final. Great job Bearmany.

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Okay, Beargentina won the knock out match agaisnt Chile and in the quarter-final Bearmany will be meeting them. This will be quite an exciting match as both teams play quite an attacking football.


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Hilda Milda said...

I like your title :D

Simon Seow said...

Victor: yeah!

Hilda: haha thanks

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Later you see Brazil come and spoil everyone's dream XD

Simon Seow said...

It might be Brazil vs Argentina in the final. Brazil is a good team.