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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Have You Collected Your Celcom Blue Bear?

The campaign has started. Many already started to collect the limited edition Celcom Blue Bear. If you want to join the collectors, it's quite easy too.

Type BOLA send to 22188 and then reload RM 30 or more to get a mobile voucher on your XPAX. You'll also be in the running for RM 10,000 and faster grab the Celcom Blue Bear while stock last. Promotion is valid from 17 May to 11 July 2010. More details here.

The Celcom Blue Bear is very cute too.

You're not an Xpax subscriber? No worry because it's good to switch to Xpax now because you'll get 90 minutes free talk time just by joining Xpax before 31 July. All you have to do is stay active for 3 months and reload minimum of RM 30 each consecutive month and you get FREE 30 minutes for the next 3 months.

Maybe I'll just but an Xpax package just to get the Celcom Blue Bear and so that I can join in the fun.