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Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Lunch: Thai Stall in Restoran Jackson, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

There is one Thai stall that sells quite authentic Thai small fry in Restoran Jackson in Section 17, Petaling Jaya. There's a variety of fried rice that you can order from such as Thai fried rice, prawn fried rice, pineapple fried rice and etc. I suspect that the owner of this stall was once working for the Thai fried rice stall in Restoran Say Huat just opposite Restoran Jackson. I think that's why the quality of the Thai fried rice stall in Say Huat dropped.

The Thai stall in Jackson not only sells fried rice but also have a few Thai dishes like Thai style stir-fried pork rice, chicken feet mango salad, prawn mango salad, stir-fried petai with prawn rice, and a few more dishes that I don't remember.

Chicken feet mango salad.

The chicken feet mango salad is very nice. Just the right sourness. My favourite except for the fried rice is the Thai style stir-fried pork rice. The pork is stir-fried with a lot of Thai basil which make the dish very aromatic and appetizing.

Thai style Stir-fried pork rice.

I've try the stir-fried petai sotong rice which is very good too. This place is a good choice for a more affordable Thai affair is there's craving. Too bad I only come here on Sunday when I am working morning shift.

Thai stir-fried petai sotong rice.

Maybe next time I come here I'll try something different. Do give it a try if you want to try affordable authentic Thai style small fry dishes.


Restoran Jackson
Jalan 17/27, Petaling Jaya

Google Map here.


eat lah said...

One of my fav. place! Actually they're husband and wife, I've actually wrote a review about it and you can read about it here,

Simon Seow said...

oh, thanks for the tip off. I'll read your review.