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Monday, June 7, 2010

Hong Kee (洪记糖水) Dessert Stall at Section 17

One fine Sunday afternoon, where I have to work the morning shift. So, in the afternoon about 5pm , time to get something to filled up my stomach. 5pm is kind of a hard time for food because it's not lunch, it's not tea time and it's not dinner time.

Good thing is that I know that there's some food stalls in Section 17 will be opening for business around 4.30 pm. There's a dessert stall there named Hong Kee (洪记糖水) Dessert Stall that sells a lot of variety of dessert that is very yummy. Some of the dessert there are quite hard to find else where because not many other dessert places serve it.

As the day is very hot and humid, so I ordered a bowl of watermelon soup cool my body. While this sweet soup has cooling effect but it is served warm lol. Not many places I see do watermelon in this way. I like it very much, it's not very sweet and the watermelon meat is still quite crunchy.

Watermelon sweet soup.

I also had chee cheong fun from the stall next to this dessert stall. There are a lot of other food stalls around here. I think their food is not bad because they've been around for a long time already. At first I ask for curry to go with my chee cheong fun but alas it's not ready yet, so sweet sauce and chili sauce it is. Chee cheong fun is not too bad.

Chee cheong fun.

One small stall but a lot of different sweet soup. You name it they got it. Sometime I think a bowl of simple sweet soup is enough to win over all those fancy dessert with many other items mixed together. There's papaya sweet soup, the common red bean, sea coconut, watermelon and many others that I can't even name.

Craving for sweet soup? No problem, Hong Kee will surely have one that will suit your appetite. One can also order curry mee, pan mee, pork mee, hakka mee and whatever food there is from the stalls near Hong Kee. Best of all is that the sweet soup is not too sweet.


Hong Kee (洪记糖水) Dessert Stall
Jalan 17/27, Petaling Jaya
(Diagonally opposite Restoran Say Huat. It's at the side of the open parking at the center of Section 17 wet market)
Opens from 4.30 pm till 10.30 pm (Not exactly sure)
Google Map here.


Sandy said...

Hi. This is definitely the best "tong shui" and also the best "chee cheong fan". I like the red bean plus green bean... LOL....Since i stay near by.. not bored for me to ta bao from these 2 stalls. The "chee cheong fan" stall also selling delicious curry mee. Aunty and uncle are always friendly and humor.

jfook said...

I love the chee cheong fun. :)

CUMI & CIKI said...

that's a crazy huge selection of tongsui ;)

mimid3vils said...

been to this place once, really surprise seeing such a wide spread of tong sui there...

1st time saw the watermelon tong sui lor...

Simon Seow said...

Cumi & Cuki: yeah, go every week can try different one

mimid3vils: rare to find watermelon tong sui nowadays

babe_kl said...

i like the wide selections but tastewise only so so i wud say