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Friday, December 28, 2012

Simon Says Turned 5 Yesterday!

I almost forgot it was my blog 5th anniversary yesterday. Too bad I've already promised to publish an advertorial yesterday so I can't do a Blog Birthday post. Sorry blog. As usual, during each blog birthday I'll change the header to reflect what's I've blogged about and been to events that related to this blog of mine. Also, together with the new header will be a new background colour.

The year 2012 is a year of change for me because I started working in a new company after I quit my previous job of 4 years. So far the new company has been good. Better benefit and better job satisfaction.

As for blogging activities, this year as always I've been invited to many many events, especially alcohol beverage related event. Started with this and ended with this. I also did something related to cars, which is not a common in Simon Says. Got the media pass to Super GT 2012 and then I was invited for a makan trip to Malacca while driving the all new Nissan Almera.

Of course the tons of movie screenings from Nuffnang and Churp Churp that saves me a lot of movie tickets money. Hell, I can even earn from the two. Coincidentally, Nuffnang also turned 5 this year.

This is my previous blog header.

The new blog header.

Honestly, I've been lacking in updating my blog this year and wrote a lot less personal post like food post or personal view. The most personal one I've got this year is probably this. Next year in 2013, I promised I'll update more often.

So far...

Simon Says has garnered 877,668 of page views in 5 years. Not much if compared to other bloggers but I'm still thankful that there's people out there that read what I write.

Simon Says FB Like Page is liked by 127. Click the link and like if you haven't done so :p

My Twitter account now has 775 followers.

Thank you for all your support this 5 years. Hopefully I can continue to blog for many 5 years to come.