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Monday, December 3, 2012

Where's The Party 2012 In Penang

It's December already! It was just a month ago I was in Penang joining the Where's The Party 2012 winners from Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong to celebrate this epic event organized by Carlsberg in Hard Rock Hotel Penang. It's been almost 3 years plus I had not been to Penang and now thanks to Carlsberg I was able to come again and also visit Hard Rock Hotel.

The medias and VIPs depart were all gathered in the Carlsberg brewery and were driven in a few tour buses to Penang. I was in bus no. 3 and the host there is Karl. He's there to break the ice and keep us entertained.

Traffic was not too good that day so it took us about 6 hours to reach our hotel. Once we reached, we were greeted by Carlsberg ambassadors and Joey G. There was not much time for me to rest. After checking-in to my room, I took a quick shower and then I depart to Hard Rock Hotel next door for the press conference.

The Carlsberg Managing Directors from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong giving their speeches and answering the Q & A. This is the first Where's The Party event that includes three countries from Asia region.

Miss World Malaysia 2012 Yvonne Lee was my bus mate during the trip.

We were then introduced to some of the performers that will be performing at the event later that night. Some of those that appeared at the press con are DJ Mayumi, Love Cubic from Korea, Edmund Leong, Rubberband and

I was lucky to be able to get a photo with Edmund Leong. Thank you Jackie for helping me.

After the press conference, we all moved to the beach to where Where's the Party is being held.

I went straight to the food area where a lot of local Penang food is being served. Hungry sial. Before I step in the that area, I bumped in to Chutipond who is working as one of the Carlsberg ambassador there.

Taking photos is part of the job as a blogger in an event.

Shawn Lee was there to beat-box for us.

RED FM DJ Linora was there to enjoy her off mic session.

Besides food. There were games too to keep the guests entertained.

Lucky Tim with his Malaysian Hottest Bloggers girls.

Nothing like free flow of Carlsberg to keep us going all night long.

The guests were all into it. Enjoying the music and atmosphere. Epic is right.

The MCs of the night are Patricia K and Joey G. This is Simon S reporting from Where's the Party 2012 at Hard Rock Hotel beach.

The crowds went wild when Mad August ditched out the currently most popular song in the world, PSY's Gangnam Style. They all started dancing to the song.

Edmund Leong and Rubberband came out after Mad August aka Crossfire's performance. He sang some fast songs and also a song original sang by Beyond, 俾面派对. The party goers asked him to sing one of his famous song, 七友 but he told them that the song is not suitable to be sang here. LOL.

All in all, this is a great party. The best thing is we can drink all the Carlsberg till drunk because we can just walk back to our hotel. Carlsberg encourage us to drink responsibly so no one is driving that night. I really enjoy myself that night. Hope next year I'll get to go again.