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Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Rude Awakening

It was around 12pm on a Saturday and I was half asleep and half awake. My company phone rang. I work in IT support so if my company phone rang then it means that some urgent IT issue that needed me to check. So of course I became fully awake and answered the call. I see the caller ID, the number is 03-78850692. Which is not the support number from my company. So, I half suspected that it is a wrong number call. Here's the conversation.

Woman Caller: May I speak to Ting Seok Ping?

Me: Sorry, you've got the wrong number. (I've received many wrong numbers call on this phone before so it's kind like a norm for me.)

Woman Caller: Are you sure it's the wrong number? May I know your name, sir?

Me: Why do I need to give you my name?

Woman Caller: I'm calling from Maharaj & Partners and you are using my customer's number. Of course I need to know your name. (What?!! Do I care if this is your customer's number?)

Me: This is my company's number.

Woman Caller: How long have you been using this number?

Me: I...(before I could answer she cut in)

Woman Caller: What's your phone number? Is it 012-xxxxxxx?

Me: (I need to recall the phone number because I don't remember. I've only been using this number not long ago. It was passed down from the my predecessor)

Woman Caller: It's okay. I'm not going to waste anymore time on this. (And she hung up.)

I was like WTF. Not even an apology? Who's the in the wrong? You called my number, I answered politely that it's a wrong number, there's no such person. Usually I'll get a "Oh, so sorry." and ended the call. This one, ask personal question and got rude when I don't tell her my name. Lastly, she said I was wasting her time? WTF?! Who is wasting who's time? You woke me up from my sweet slumber on a weekend just to be asked some stupid question rudely and I was wasting your fucking time? Now this is what I called "a rude awakening" literally.


Isaac Tan said...

haha call the number back and scold her.. :P

Simon Seow said...

Isaac: Nah, that will really be wasting my time lol.

Susan Lee said...

Terrible! No manners at all!

baDBoyzs said...

Many people(including Malaysians)can confirm that most Malaysians are crude(maybe not rude). They generally do not know the meaning of modern etiquette/finesse

It could be perceived as general culture of being suspicious of strangers or fear of being cheated (kia su ah ?)

Kevin Yap said...

Her name called Yanti. haha...