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Monday, November 5, 2012

Scholl Arch Support Shoes

Thanks to Scholl Malaysia, I was given the opportunity to review some of their products. The product I chose to review is their Men's Range with Arch Support comfort technology leather shoes. I chose it because I wear leather shoes to work almost everyday, which then I can compared it with my current leather shoes.

First of all, I found that the Scholl Arch Support is lighter than my current shoes. I've been wearing these shoes for about two weeks now, I like the soft footbed that cushion my feet, which my other shoes hard quite hard on my feet. My feet also will not slide in the shoes which made my feet tire easily due to the muscle strain  because of the need to hold the feet still on the shoes.

I felt that my body composure is better when I was wearing the Arch Support shoes, my back will not be as stress as when I was wearing the other shoes. Arch Support is design for optimum comfort for flat feet, weak or fallen longitudinal arches.

If you feel pain under or back of your heel or knee pain, you can op for Scholl's Bio Mechanics range consisting of slippers that provide the greatest comfort due to the Bio Mechanics foot bed. This foot bed is clinically designed to help realign the posture of the feet, thus relieving the wearers of some of the most common foot problems. Women will be enticed with the various floral inspired designs in the attractive colours of gold, silver and pewter, whereas the men will be donned in rugged slipper designs in down-to-earth colours of brown and black.

There are a lot more range from Scholl that is built with one or more of the eight comfort technologies Memory Cushion (adapts to the foot’s contours and springs back into shape for support at each wearing) ; Bioprint (conforms to the natural contours of the feet for arch and heel support) ; Gelactiv (its impact absorbing gel relieves fatigued legs) ; Arch Support (a soft foot bed provides comfort for flat feet or fallen arches) ; Sole Support (relieves pressure on the ball of the feet while exercising and toning toe muscles) ; Massage (massages the soles of our feet, relieves tension and improves blood circulation) ; Bio Mechanics (provides natural pain relief and realigns feet and body to reduce pronation) ; and Starlit (promotes better posture, improves blood circulation, exercises muscles and tones legs). The Scholl 2012 Autumn/Winter collections are as follows:



Festive Ladies


Men Festive


Christina 2


No matter whether it's design or different type of comfort level you are looking for. Scholl will surely have some shoes that are suitable for your needs. For more information of the different comfort technologies be sure to visit Scholl's Official Website.


Founded in 1904 by Dr William Mathias Scholl, SCHOLL has been looking after feet for well over 100 years in more than 70 countries worldwide. Continuing the legacy of its founder, Dr Scholl, who believed that “the feet provide the foundation for the rest of the body”, the brand is dedicated to improve the health, comfort and well-being of people through their feet.
A heritage brand, SCHOLL remains committed to introduce footwear and foot care solutions which have the latest innovations and foot bed technologies to ensure that feet are given the best care.


Arch Support Insoles said...

Darron and Men Festive shoes are looking awesome! I wanna give it a try..

Arch Support said...

Darron are looking best casual ones to me.