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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Margaret's Cafe e Nata, Macau

After 5 days in Hong Kong, I went to Macau for a 2 days trip before going back to Kuala Lumpur. The recent I visit Macau is mainly because my friend is working in Galaxy Macau and he has a place for me to stay so I can save on accommodation.

I was brought to Margaret's Cafe e Nata to eat their popular Portuguese egg tart. Actually I've eaten the egg tart here before when I was here for a day trip in March. This time I chose to eat in the cafe itself.

As usual the cafe is packed. Long queue of people packing away their Portuguese tart.

To really appreciate the true taste of their egg tarts, I suggest to eat it in the cafe instead of taking away. First, it will still be warm. Second, the skin will be crispier than take away and lastly the butter taste in the skin will still be strong. That is what makes the different, it's the butter taste in the Portuguese egg tart. Of course the soft creamy egg custard is also the reason. I found the egg tart taste way better than I last ate it (I packed the egg tarts last time).

I also ordered a cup of hot latte to go with the egg tarts. Ah, this is how one should enjoy their Portuguese egg tarts. I still haven't had the chance to try Lord Stow's Portuguese egg tarts though. Some say the latter is better but for me Margaret's Cafe e Nata's egg tarts is really very good. So if you visit Macau, trip both of the version and see which one you prefer ;)


Margaret's Cafe e Nata
Edificio Kam Loi, Macau, China Rue Do Rd. Pedro Jose Lobo
+853 2871 0032


Wilee Tee said...

I want to eat this !

Huai Bin said...

Yummy! We saw Margaret's when we were at Macau too! :)