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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Roasted Pigeon (烧乳鸽) at Shui Wah Restaurant 萃華酒家, Shatin, Hong Kong

The night after my cousin sister's wedding lunch buffet, my uncle decided to treat us (my cousins and another uncle and aunt) for dinner in Shatin (沙田). Shatin is famous for roasted pigeon (烧乳鸽) and chicken porridge. This is my first time coming to Shatin.

I was going on a shopping trip with two of my cousin sisters and my aunt in Tsim Sha Tsui. Elaine, my Hong Kong cousin decided that since there were 5 of us (we later joined up with my uncle), it's more worth it to take a taxi to Shatin instead of taking the MTR . True enough, taking the taxi we saved up a lot of walking time and it only cost us about HKD$100.

There are a lot of restaurants in Shatin that also sells roasted pigeon. My uncle chose to eat in Shui Wah Restaurant. One need to trust the local for their choice, also I am not familiar with Shatin.

Each of us get one roasted pigeon. The skin is very crispy and the meat is tender. Albeit there is not much meat and that's why the marination was absorbed thoroughly making the meat very tasty.

Lotus pancake is one dish that we don't normally order in Malaysia. I think not many restaurants in Malaysia has this dish too. Lotus root cut into slices and then dip into egg white batter and fried. Crispy at the outer and soft inside.

Next dish is prawn cooked two ways. One is stir-fried with mixed vegetable and another way is deep fried. The stir-fried uses prawns that are big and succulent and very fresh too. Timing is just right and not over cooked. The restaurant provided prawn paste sauce for us to dip the prawn. It taste a bit like our belacan.

The tofu is smooth and nice to balance off the heavy tasting dishes that we had.

Of course, need to have some greens to balance the meal.

8 prosperity duck (八宝鸭), the version here is a bit different from the one I ate in Sek Yuen. For one the version here uses more expensive ingredients for the stuffing like fish maw and abalone slices.

Claypot glass noodle.

Steamed pork with prawn paste.

My aunt order a single portion of chicken porridge for us to have a taste. Smooth, sweet (from the chicken meat and bones) and tender.

Last but not least, complementary dessert of taofufa (豆腐花). Which I was informed is house made by the restaurant chef.

If you don't want to take the taxi you can opt to take the MTR Tai Wai station. Shui Wah Restaurant is just opposite the station.


Shui Wah Restaurant 萃華酒家
51 Tsuen Nam Road, Tai Wai

Tel: +852 2606 7117