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Friday, October 28, 2011

Collision Arts Asia Festival at Publika

Last Friday, I went to the Inaugural Opening of Collision Arts Asia Festival at Publika which is co-organized by Viva Circus and Viva Vertical. What is Collision Arts? Simply put it's the combination of different art form from dance, painting, music, extreme performance and so on. Such as, silat with painting or acrobatic with dance performance.

Jerry and Vivian briefing us about Collision Arts.

During the 3 days (Friday 21 - Sunday 23 October 2011) Collision Arts Asia Festival visitors will get to see the performance of arts in various form at the Black Box, the White Box and the Square in Publika. They also can buy the 3-day pass for RM50 or a 1-day pass for RM30 to join some of the art workshops there that is no open to the non-pass holders.

I got to see some of the teasers of the whole 3 day event.


Mime Comedy:

Aerial Hoop Teaser:

If you think pole dancing is easy, think again:

Teaser of "Android Love":

Who says man can't pole dance? Adam is a pole dance champion.


Aerial Fabric:

Action Art (this one involve silat and painting):

Later in the evening I got to watch Viva Vertical Pole Stars Asian Showcase with Viva Vertical, which were pole dance performances by pole dancing champion from Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Here are some of the performance that night.

Evelin from Singapore:

Samantha from Malaysia:

Tessa Yung from Hong Kong:

Malaysia Dual Category Champion:

I like the performance done by Nicholas the most too bad I was too into his performance that I forgot to take video of it. You guys should look out for events like this again in the near future. If you missed Collision Arts Asia Festival then it's too bad because even Hannah Tan says it's good! LOL Just kidding. I think there will be more events like this coming, so look out for this page for more future events.


Huai Bin said...

Very artsy!

Simon Seow said...

HB: yeah, too bad I couldn't make it to the other two days.

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