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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blackie and I in Samurai Showdown

When I was still in high school, there was this fighting arcade game called Samurai Showdown that I used to play. In there, there was a character named Galford D. Weller. He's an American Ninja. He's fighting style is of course using Ninjistsu, something like Naruto, the can fake being hit and turn into a piece of wood. On top of using his Ninjistsu, he also has a pet Siberian Husky named Poppy that will charge towards enemy when he calls out "Go! Poppy".

Gerald and Poppy

That time I always imagined myself as the character and has a pet dog that will charge towards enemy at my command. I will go on an adventure of traveling around the world challenging different samurais and ninjas and my pet dog, let's call him Blackie, will fight by my side and do straight charge, teleport on top of enemy, and create illusions of myself to confuse the enemy. So cool right to have a pet dog that can do Ninjitsu.

Well, of course that was just my day dreaming. In reality, Blackie don't even know how to play fetch. All he knows is 'sit', 'hand', and 'down'. He is one strong dog though and like to jump at people that he likes. But I did teach him to do Wing Chun once :p

Doing Wing Chun wtf

Speaking of adventure. There will be one adventure that I wouldn't miss next month. That will be The Adventures of Tintin in 3D which will be premiering on 10th November 2011. It's one of my all time favourite comic made into movie. I watched the trailer in cinema, and this freaking good.

If you are fan of Tintin, then you shouldn't miss the opportunity to win some cool merchandise from United International Pictures Malaysia (UIP).

UIP will be running a fantastic online treasure hunt, where you get to exercise those detective skills you have and stand to win awesome prizes!

Here’s what you stand to win.

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Contest starts 31st October 2011. So, get ready! Click here for the contest page.