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Monday, August 15, 2011

Samovar, Solaris Mont Kiara

Another Groupon Deal that I've bought, the last one is Indian food. This time it's Russian food. Samovar located on the 1st floor of SoHo Solaris KL, facing the back. So you won't be able to see it if you only venture the front part of SoHo.

I've arrived at 6pm which is kind of early for dinner hence, I am the only customer. The deal offered a 3 course Russian meal. I can choose one main from the three mains offered. Pelmeni, Katletti or Maria beef or chicken. I will be served with Borsch soup and unlimited Olivia Salad.

I half expected that the Borsch soup will be sourish but it turn out not very sourish. I find it to be a bit bland though. I found it funny that what seems like Gardenia bread comes with the soup. Well, maybe they don't order their own pastry in Samovar.

Next up is Olivia Salad which consists of chicken, egg, potatoes, carrot, green peas and cucumber tossed with mayonnaise. This is very similar to the salad one can find in KFC minus the chicken and egg. Well, it tasted quite nice, much better than KFC's. The best part is the generous amount.

I chose Katletti for my main. Katletti is deep fried minced chicken stuffed with cheese and butter battered with bread crumbs, served with some greens and cashew nuts rice. I love the chicken. It's fried right with the bread crumbs still very crispy and once I bite into it out comes the butter and cheese. The meat still juicy and tender too. The rice tasted not bad too and compliment the chicken very well but I don't know why there are a few pieces of noodles inside the rice. Also, the tomato puree dipping has a bit of spiciness in it. Goes well with the chicken. Once should try it with and without the dipping.

While there's some hit and misses here, there's still a few dishes that might worth a try in Samovar. Maybe I'll come back in the future to have a try.


K-01-08, SOHO KL
Mont Kiara
Jalan Solaris 2
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 016-2304534

Operating hours:
Mon-Sat: 3pm – 12am
Sun: 4pm – 12am

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