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Monday, August 22, 2011

arThursday at Malones, Sooka KL Sentral

I was at Malones, Sooka KL Sentral last Thursday. I found out that from 15th till 30th Aug 2011, Thursday will never be the same at more than 100 Guinness outlets nationwide because it will be arThursday. Last Thursday or arThursday in Malones is not only special promotion on Guinness like RM5 Guinness or buy four pints and get a limited edition Guinness Arthur's Day T-shirt. It is also arThursday Live music party.

On each arThursday there will be one new design of limited edition Guinness Arthur's Day T-Shirt. I already got the 1st week's T-Shirt.

Just go to any participating Guinness outlets nationwide to get this deal.

As for arThursday Live Party.

6 group of artists/bands are chosen to perform live on arThursday in a few different outlets. Not only that, they will be competing to get votes so that they could get the two spots to perform in Arthur's Day concert 2011. They are Rosevelt, CSBTEA, Dragon Red, Prema Yin, NakedBreed, and James Baum.

Catch them live on arThursday in these venues and vote for them.

Rosevelt, CSBTEA, Dragon Red

Royal Oak, Solaris Mont Kiara - 25th August 2011
Mandolin, Kelana Jaya - 8th September 2011
Backyard, Sri Hartamas - 15th September 2011

Prema Yin, NakedBreed, James Baum

Finnegan's, Midvalley - 25th August 2011
Lust, Changkat Bukit Bintang - 8th September 2011
Delaney's Irish Pub, Bukit Bintang - 15th September 2011

If you can't go to the venue to vote for your favourirte bands or artists to have them perform in Arthur's Day concert, then you also can support by voting here.

After each round of performance, Guinness girl will come over to ask for your vote. You can vote the artist in or out for Arthur's Day concert.

On that night in Malones, I was able to see Rosevelt, CSBTEA, and Dragon Red performed.



Dragon Red

Which of the three you'll like to see in Arthur's Day concert? Of course, a few International artists will be performing too but Guinness is still keeping it a secret of whom will be performing. At the time being, we can decides which local artists we want to see performing there.

That night I drank four pints of Guinness Draught and ate a very delicious Malones Beef Rib. It's so juicy and tender. Oh, the mashed potatoes calcannon is very good too.

Oh, I took the train to Malones that night. Drink sensibly, don't drive if you want to drink a lot :p


--Ping-- said...

Hey...the mashed potatoes are called colcanon. =) They are real good!

Simon Seow said...

Ping: Oh, I didn't know got a different name one. Thanks ;)

Joshualaw said...

The Beef Rib look very much you pay? I went for the arThursday at SOULed OUT, kinda suck though. :(

Simon Seow said...

I think it's about RM30 plus. I forgot adi, drank too much :P