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Monday, August 29, 2011

#ChurpOut at Mek-T, Bandar Puchong Jaya

Only after a month since the 1st ChurpOut at Mark's Place, Churp Churp had their 2nd #ChurpOut last Friday. This time is buka puasa at Mek-T (masa riang, masa hebat :P). Mek-T is a restaurant that served up authentic Terengganu food using a fast food system. You order the food and pay at the counter, food is serve and you take the food. Although the system is fast food but the cooking is slow cook and is cooked based on estimation of orders. Small batches of each dish were cooked and only when the dish is low that a new batch is cook to maintain the freshness.

By the way, the food here is certified Halal. Hence we all buka puasa here.

We start off with laksam and pulut lepa (steamed glutinous rice with fish filling). It's something like a thick chee cheong fun rolls top with minced fish belacan gravy. At first I thought with belacan the gravy will be very salty but the taste turn out just nice. One of my favourite dish of the night. As for the pulut lepa, I think they are too generous with the glutinous rice, if the rice is lesser a bit then the ratio with the fish filling will be just nice. Also, some of my Malay friends there prefer it to be grilled instead. Ah, too bad grilling is a no no because there's not place for the smoke to go.


Michele the ChurpHeadTM introduced her fellow Churpies before we dig in to our laksam.

We had keropok lekor for snacks served with hot special chili dip (it's sweet and spicy). Tasted rich with fish and less flour. Those that I find in KL pasar malam has more flour than fish inside. The Malay couple (their hometown is Terengganu) sitting next to me said that the keropok lekor here is almost 90% as what they had in Terengganu.

Keropok Lekor

Nasi Sedapp Sokmo with Gulai Ayam is not my favourite of the night. The rice is not too bad but the chicken has a kind of earthy taste like there's some herbal medicine. What I can say is that it is an acquired taste :p

Nasi Sedapp Sokmo with Gulai Ayam

Nasi Ulam is next, I think Kelantanese will call this Nasi Kerabu instead. I've been wanting to try this after I read it on Sixthseal. Nicely cooked rice mixed with the fried coconut meat. The only disappointment is that the ulam (mixed raw vegetables) is too little.

Nasi Ulam.

I never imagine Nasi Dagang looks like this. I always thought it will be colourful as Nasi Ulam. As plain looking as it is, actually nasi dagang is cooked with 90% rice and 10% glutinous rice. That's why, there's a bit of stickiness to the rice. If there are mangoes at the side, I would have thought that I am eating a Thai dessert. As always, Nasi Dagang is paired with a fish curry and in Mek-T a kind of local tuna fish is used. Nice and simple.

Nasi Dagang.

When all the heavy stuffs were done. Cindy served each of us a cup of Rojak Betik (papaya salad). Betik muda (pickled young papaya) is used. Mixed with rojak sauce and a bit of keropok ikan (fish chips). It's quite sourish and the vinegar acidity might be a bit strong, might not be suitable if you have gastric problem. It helps to lessen my feeling of fullness after the heavy meal though.

Rojak Betik.

Mek Pau Goreng (pan-fried bun) comes with two choices of filling. Shaved coconut meat filling and red beans filling. The red beans used is much bigger size than the red bean I see normally. No, it's not Azuki bean. The other one is a deep fried bun with fish filling that I forgot the name :p

Top: Deep fried bun. Bottom: Mek Pau Goreng.

Ended the night with a bit of kuih and brought home Lompat Tikam for supper :)

Mek-T is owned by Cindy's parents and the recipe is contributed by her mom whom is from Terengganu. The Terengganu delicacies here is as authentic as it can be, even those hometown is Terengganu that night gives their thumbs up. So, if you craving for authentic Terengganu food, Mek-T is the place to go.

P.S. Three Churpie Plushies were given away as contest prizes that night. That's why it's ways good to join a #ChurpOut.


127, Jalan Kenari 23A,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
GPS Coordinates:(N 03 02' 39.0' E101 37' 23.7")
Google Map here.

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