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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ChurpChurp 1st #ChurpOut at Mark's Place

ChurpChurp #ChurpOut is an event organized by ChurpChurp for the Churpers to gathered and know the people that work hard behind the scene. About 30 Churpers were there at Mark's Place, Plaza Kelana Jaya last Friday for this 1st #ChurpOut.

The Churpies introducing themselves. Michelle, Linda, Leh Bin and of course one of the first Churpie, Jacqkie.

After some intro, then Nick asked, "Who wants to volunteer to come out and play a game. Who's hungry?". I'm very hungry because I just woke up two hours before this and rush to the venue without eating anything. So, I raised up my hand. After five people volunteered. It's time to start the sausage eating competition. The fastest to finished eating these 4 different sausages dished out by Mark's Place will win cash vouchers worth RM100 to dine at Mark's Place.

As, I was one of the participant, I didn't take any picture of me stuffing the sausage into my mouth. My strategy is to starts with the biggest sausage and ends withe the smallest because I am thinking that my stomach is empty so doing the biggest first should not be a problem. If I do the other way around, then I already have 3 sausages inside me, so doing the biggest might proof to be harder. For the account of the whole sausage eating contest, you can read the post written by Madammondog.

My strategy worked and I was the first to finished all the sausages. But it was a very close call between me and Bro Hazman. I think the time is like 0.5 sec.

Then it's time for dinner. Mark, the owner of Mark's Place explained about the dishes that we will be eating.

I didn't have to chance to taste the grilled lamb. Oh, well, I will come back again and use the vouchers to eat lol.

I tried the beef burger. I found that the patty is a bit too dry. Well, this might be because it's not made to order as this is served in a buffet line. So, the chef has it well done to be safe.

Besides the cash vouchers from Mark's Place, I also won two TGV Cinemas complimentary passes and a limited produced ChurpChurp's mascot flash drive, the one that Bendan is posing with.

After dinner. It's time for another game. Each of us was given a number. We have to find the other person that got the same number but without showing the number we got and we can only sound out churp, churp. The fastest five pairs to find each other and run to the front will win a prize. I have no luck this time. Who's no. 12 that night?

So, the five pairs was gathered but before they were able to get the prizes, the pairs have to do a dance battle. Groovy.

They were the first pair to find each other, so they have to dance first.

Photos are not enough for this kind of fun. I captured it in Full HD glory.

Can you see Jackie and Shannon in action or I meant inaction? :P They are just shy, I think.

The fastest pair each got themselves a limited produced ChurChurp flash drive. While the other four pairs got TGV Cinemas complementary passes.

Coming to event like this, surely I get to bump into familiar faces.

YennieDoll whom I haven't met for a long time was there too.

And new faces.

Met Shiok Leng for the first time.

In an event like this, most certain you'll see him.

It's a great gathering. I hope that there will be more #ChurpOut like this. If you have Facebook or Twitter account then you can join the fun too be joining ChurpChurp. Besides, you'll be able to earn some side income by sharing the campaign running on ChurpChurp once you joined.


bendan said...

Weee~ the 2nd time we met har!! Hahaha.. happy time!! ^^

Anyway, I grabbed some of your photos k?? Hope u don't mind! *hugs*

Simon Seow said...

bendan: yeah, hope to see you again in another event lol. Of course I don't mind. Go grab, grab, grab. *hugs*

Sherry Degarmo said...

Is the girlJanice danced with Bernard? I wish i can attend for the next event. I wanna dance!

Simon Seow said...

Yes, that's Janice. Dance? I think she just stood there and Bernard did all the dancing lol

Isaac Tan said...

Nice writeup bro :) XD nice night with good foodie. :P

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