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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rare Sighting of A Rare Bird?

Just now out in the garden, I saw my pet dog, Blackie jumping excitedly and looking upward. When I look up. I saw this bird with blue and black feathers resting on the electric cable. It's really a rare sighting for me here in Segambut. Usually the birds I got to see here are pigeons, crows and magpies. So, I quickly went to get my digital cam and snap a few shots of the bird.

I'm no bird watching expert so I don't really now what species of bird is this. Looks a bit like a Kingfisher. It might not be a rare bird but sighting it here just outside my house, I will categorised it as rare :p

A blue bird. Reminds me of this popular blue bird on the Internet. No not that very popular one but this one.

Well, whether or not this is a rare bird, it's wonderful to see this bird in the proximity.


Sis said...

You could even take different poses of the bird???

Simon Seow said...

Just happened that the bird change position mah.