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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Has Got Course To Attend

Ah, already a few days I haven't update right? Yes, that's because I am currently attending a 3 days training course for an IT certification. Tomorrow is the last day and also the exam will be taken after the final chapter. So, I have to study study study and not time to write a new post.

Also today when driving home from Cyberjaya one of my tyre burst!! Lucky I managed to changed the tyre but alas my spare tyre has no air. Luckily the MEX Ronda came to my rescue. They have a mobile electronic air pump. Damn cool. Drove to workshop near home and was told that my rim is crooked, RM70 to fix it and a new tyre will cost me RM195. Total RM265 gone. FML.

Well, I still have to continue to study my course material. Wish me luck. Will be back to post updates after I rest after the exam.

P.S. Remember to pump air into your spare tyre because one day you might need to use it and found out that there's no air in the spare.