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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

After Bersih 2.0, What Now?

So, last Saturday the Bersih 2.0 rally ended with all parties claiming that they have won, according to the Star Says. For those of you that if up until now not sure what is happening, then should take notice now. Bersih is not affiliated with any political party as what the mainstream media wants you to believe. It is a movement to call for electoral reform to take not into these 8 demands for a clean and fair election process:

Bersih (Coalition for clean and Fair Elections)

They have demanded 8 points
1) that the EC clean up the electoral roll
2) reform postal voting
3) use indelible ink,
4) introduce a minimum 21-day campaign period,
5) allow all parties free and fair access to the media,
6) strengthen public institutions,
7) stop corruption,
8) put an end to dirty politics.

So, what can common people like us do? Well, for one thing is very easy to do. If you have reach the age of 21 year old, then it is time to register yourself as a voter to excise you rights as a citizen of Malaysia. I myself registered as a voter when I turned 21 but too bad at that time I missed GE10 by a few months. On GE11 I went to vote, I voted for BN during GE11 because I believe that they can do a good job for my area, Segambut.

*GE = General Election

During the period, not only there's no improvement but crime rates increase in the area and the roads were left in diminishing condition for a few years and no one come and fix the roads. So, on GE12 I gave my vote to DAP (Pakatan Rakyat). So far I like the MP of Segambut YB Lim Lip Eng that I've voted for, crime rates fell and roads were fixed once he came to my taman and saw the conditions. This is how I excise my rights to choose a leader that can help my area even if I can't decide which will form the Federal Government.

If you don't like what you see now in your constituent, then you should excise you rights to vote in the next General Election if you are eligible. You can choose to vote for any political party or person that you think can help contribute in your constituent. It's your choice.

Below are the list of venues that one can register as voter. The easiest should be POS Malaysia because they have a lot of outlets.

(a) Ibu Pejabat SPR Malaysia
Tingkat Bawah, Blok C7, Kompleks C
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62690 Putrajaya
No. Telefon: 03-88856686
(b) Pejabat-Pejabat Pilihan Raya Negeri
(c) Pejabat-Pejabat Pos Berkomputer di seluruh Negara
(d) Kaunter SPR melalui Program Outreach
Tiada aktiviti ketika ini
(e) Pejabat-Pejabat Kedutaan, Suruhanjaya Tinggi & Konsulat Jeneral di Luar Negeri
Sila klik pada
(f) Senarai Penolong Pendaftar

It will only takes a few hours of your time. So, take action now for the future of Malaysia.