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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A-Fu 鄧福如 - 原來如此 Showcase & Autograph Session

If you watch YouTube a lot and are into the Chinese music scene, then most probably you'll know this girl called A-Fu 鄧福如. She got popular when she did a cover of Bruno Mars' "Nothing On You" and the video got viral and it's now got millions of view. Then some smart record company signed her up and released her debut album "原來如此".

So, when I heard from OneFm 88.1FM that she will be in town to promote her album in Sungai Wang 6pm yesterday, I of course have to go down there to have a look. Since I'm off shift on that day too. After collecting my birthday gift and contest prize which are 4 TGV Cinema passes and 2 TGV cinema passes from Nuffnang and Churp Churp respectively, I will then drive to Sungai Wang. I shouldn't have stopped by at Yut Kee for tea and roti babi.

I thought a drive from Dang Wangi to Bukit Bintang will know take me 5 minutes. How wrong was I. Once I got into Jalan Sultan Ismail from Dang Wangi, it's like a standstill. Took me about 40 minutes to reach there. Not only that, I didn't expect the showcase to start on time as from my experience, usually the artist will be late. Maybe A-Fu is a new comer so can't be late :p By the time I reach Sungai Wang lobby she's already half way singing her 3rd and last song "Just The Way You Are" another Bruno Mars cover that she posted on her YouTube Channel.

After that, OneFM DJ came out to chat a bit with her.

On from their conversation that she's been to Malaysia for 3 days already and that day is her last day in Malaysia.

She didn't wear her white Beats headphone that she's wore in some of her videos that day. But I saw a fan of her wore one when he went up to get her autograph. Beats headphone is not cheap yo!

Before the autograph session starts, there were a photo session for the 20 lucky winners from a radio contest to take picture with her.

After some more photo session for the media. It's time for the autograph session. I haven't had the chance to buy her album yet, so I bought it on the spot. It's only RM35, which is quite okay. So, I queued up to get her autograph :p I was also able to shook her hand and I saw that her left hand has some numbers and characters written with a blue pen. I shook her left hand because she's using her right hand to sign the CD.

Woot! I got her autograph.

The crowd is not exactly a lot of compared to most seasoned singer but for a new comer, this crowd is good enough. Not to mention the traffic jam that cause most fans didn't make it in time. Joshua is one of them.

After the autograph session was closed, there's this one fan that didn't get her autograph. He asked A-Fu whether she can autograph for him. She then came down from the stage to autograph the CDs for him. Damn lucky this guy.

Not the guy in white, he's EQ Music's director.

Lastly, he emcee asked A-Fu to put a big signature on the backdrop.

It's time to say goodbye!