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Saturday, January 19, 2013

GAB's Celebration of Good Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity

It seems like only yesterday that I went for GAB last year's Chinese New Year campaign launch, where they were giving out Golden Dragon for their lucky customers. Last December I went for this year's GAB CNY campaign launch which is named 'Celebration of Good Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity'. This year they are not giving out golden snake but Golden Three Chinese Star Deities, Fu Lu Shou (福禄寿) which are the three lucky stars that resembles Good Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity.

The launch was once again in The Tavern in GAB's brewery. The place to get the best Guinness Draught in Asia.

With Kelly Siew and Ashley Mah.

No one is happier than Fireangel when surrounded by alcohol beverages. Visit her blog for more insight of beers and liquors. You could learn how to make Jelly Shots.

Throughout the festive season, consumers can check the bottle cap liners of any big bottle of Guinness, Tiger and Anchor to see if they have won one of 9 solid gold Fu Lu Shou sets worth RM 10,000 each, 999 gold-plated Fu Lu Shou sets worth RM 1,000 each or to redeem 18 bottle liners for a Fu Lu Shou set to usher in good favour, wealth and health throughout the year ahead.

Colour Code of Cap Liners                                  Prizes

Red Cap Liners                        Consumers win a solid gold Fu Lu Shou set worth RM 10,000
                                                 Total: 9 prizes

Blue Cap Liners                      Consumers win a gold-plated Fu Lu Shou set worth RM 1,000
                                                Total: 999 prizes

Black Cap Liners                    Collect 18 liners to win a Fu Lu Shou set

Just drink any of the three major brands of beer from GAB. Tiger, Anchor or Gunness Stout and if you able to get the colour cap stated above, you'll win the prize.

This Chinese New Year, be sure to think of GAB’s three iconic stars and you will receive an overflow of Good Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity. For more information on this campaign, please visit today.