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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Last Saturday I went to Sutera Gemilang Auto in Shah Alam, one of the Hyundai 3S Center which was selected out of 12 outlets to host "ONCE UPON A TIME -皇宫灿烂 CASTS AUTOGRAPH SESSION". While waiting for the cast to arrive, I was able to go and see what is a Hyundai 3S Center is all about.

Sorry, Jack Lim is not included in your package.

So, what does 3S stands for? A 3S CENTRE consists of SALES, SERVICE AND SPARE PARTS. A pit-stop for Hyundai &Inokom car lovers to service and purchase their Hyundai cars.Claim insurance & windscreen can be done in their service center.

Imagine, if you go to a normal workshop. The mechanic found that you have a faulty master brake pump and it needs to be change with a new one. The mechanic called the spare parts dealer and the part needs 2 or 3 hours to be delivered. You got no where to go and have to stuck in the workshop for 2 to 3 hours waiting for the spare part and another 2 hour for the brake pump to be installed. Half a day gone.

If the same case happens in a 3S Centre, then you only have to wait 2 hours for the installation because spare parts are easily available. Unless it's something too complicated then the 3S Center will order for you. Heck, you might even save on the overcharge of spare parts by a normal workshop.

While waiting for your Hyundai to be serviced, relax at the Customer Lounge.

Have a cup of White Coffee, which is free while watching your Hyundai being serviced by the professionals.

Too boring? No sweat. Go try out some of the latest Hyundai models. It's a showroom too after all.

Sorry, Gan Mei Yan 顏微恩 not included when you buy a Hyundai Sonata.

While there was still a bit of time before the cast appear. I went for a lucky dip in the magic cubic cube. Won myself a Hyundai 2013 Desktop Calendar.

Finally some of the casts from the movie "ONCE UPON A TIME -皇宫灿烂" has arrived to meet the fans. The casts were led by lead actor and producer Jack Lim 林德荣, Gan Mei Yan 顏微恩, Jeff 陈浩然, 曾洁钰, 颜江瀚 and the director Silver Yee.

ONCE UPON A TIME -皇宫灿烂 is a local Chinese New Year movie produced by Jack Lim, which he is also the lead actor. It's been kind of his tradition now to come up with CNY movie every year ever since the first one, 大日子 Tiger Woohoo. Coming soon to cinema on 7th Feb 2013. Most likely the first CNY movie I will watch because I got the tickets for the special screening on 4th Feb 2012.

Fans gets to play game with the casts and win some prizes.

Jack Lim 林德荣, Jeff 陈浩然, and 曾洁钰 sings the movie theme song (风霜) live.

Last but not least. The casts sign on the movie merchandises bought by the fans.

Thank you Sutera Gemilang Auto for the great venue.

Facilities that SuteraGemilang offers:
- Coffee bar
- premier customer lounge with TV and computers to online
- Background glass for customer viewing while car in service
- Free wifi
- Kids area for children
- Comfortable ambiance
- Working area for customers to work while waiting for their car to service
- Ample car park with around 20 car park lot for customers
- Offers 8 service bays and able to accommodate up to 50 cars to normal service in a day. Because of ample man power and bays, average each normal service takes only 45 minutes. OMG. Time saving.
- Drop off key facility where customer could drop off their cars during off working hours.

Current promotion:
Newly launched Hyundai Veloster for viewing&New facelift of Hyundai Sonata just came out last week
Interest rate 1.88% for Hyundai Sonata & Hyundai Tucson (for selected banks only)
Discount on labour and parts up to 10% and free 23 points inspection check

Operating hour for sales:-
9am-8pm on weekdays
10am-6pm on weekends and public holidays

Operating hour for service:-
8.30am – 6pm on weekdays
Sunday & public holiday - CLOSED

Sales no: 03- 7832 4888 / 7832 4444
Sales fax: 03- 7832 4222
Service no: 03- 7832 4333/ 7832 4555
Service fax: 03- 7832 4999



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