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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

H-Artistry 2012 @ KWC, Kuala Lumpur

Yes. I've been lazy with my blogging lately. This even happened like 3 weeks ago and now only I get my hands to type it out. I'm talking, er writing about H-Artistry that went off with a blast in Kenanga Warehouse City in Kuala Lumpur. I was one of the lucky ones that got VIP passes to yearly affair.

This time, one can download the H-Artistry app for iPhone or Android to check-in to the event. I saw the statistic posted on the projection was 70% male and 30% female. -_- Luckily, the reality is somewhat different. I met a lot of pretty ladies there.

As usual, Hennessy Mix, Apple, Berry, Ginger and Soda are free flow till 11pm. After that I have to use the coupon to get more drinks. Drink responsibly yo!

Although there are a lot of beautiful ladies there but sadly, they were all in a relationship. All below here got boyfriend lol.

Photo taken by her boyfriend. LOL.

Forgot whether is her boyfriend taken this photo for us. =P

Look at the crowds! H-Artistry is really one of the biggest event of the year.

Nadia Heng is one of the MC of the night.

Alas, some that don't have bf or I'm not sure got or not.


Mr. Nasty & Guru-guru took on the stage and spin some dance pieces for the crowd.

The crowd went wild when Eva Simons started off with her reowned dance anthem, "Take Over Control".

More camwhoring pics.

If you thinks this is the end, then you are wrong. This is just a warm up.

H-Artistry: The Epic Finale of the Global Art of Mixing Trilogy

With the benchmark firmly set by H-Artistry at KWC KL, party goers can now look forward to the epic culmination of the H-Artistry Global Art of Mixing Trilogy, slated for 3 November 2012. The H-Artistry finale will definitely outdo itself to be nothing short of the most phenomenal super-clubbing experience of the year.

Passes to H-Artistry – The Global Art of Mixing events are by-invitation only. To relive the H-Artistry experience this November, be sure to watch this space: for more information.