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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Marvel’s The Avengers

I am Matter Maestro. The latest member of The Avengers. I joined after Spider-man decided to restart his whole life again to when he haven't become Spider-man. Oh, good that he finally realized that his web doesn't comes out from under his skin.

Okay. Let's get back to The Avengers. Being a new kid on the block, surely the other members will have doubt about my ability. Especially the arrogant Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man and the more than 90 year old but still look like he's in his 20s' Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America. "So, what kind of power you got that made you qualified to join The Avengers, My-ass what?", asked Tony while sniggering.

"Well, Tony. Basically I'm not a genius or a playboy or a billionaire but I do contribute monthly to World Vision. Jokes aside. You can say that I am the master of mass in their atomic form. I can change my mass property into solid, liquid or gas form.", I replied.

"I can solidify my mass until it is as strong as Adamantium. Even bullet made with diamond can't go through me when I solidified myself. I might be the only one that can take on Wolverine's claws with my bare hand when I'm solidified. I think your armour won't stand a chance if I punch you with my solidified knuckle.", I continued with Dr. Bruce Banner looking at me with a face of curiosity.

I can also turn myself in to liquid form. In this form any attacks on me will be a waste because it will only goes through. I can drown someone by covering his or her face with my hand. I can also slip through any piping or hide inside watery surrounding for infiltration and escaping.

Last but not least I can turn into gas form which will be barely visible or easily detectable because I've mixed with the air. Most important of all, I can traveled into Loki's hideout through the ventilation and spy on his secrets. Once I got to know the weakness of his armies and sabotage his mind control. We, The Avengers will stand a greater chance to win this war and save the world.

By the way, I can modified any inorganic thing's form too. So really, your amour is useless when facing me. Come, come. We have a movie to catch this April 27th and I might be able to watch it a day earlier.


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