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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Omakase Sushi Course at Yuzu, The Gardens

Ever since I found out that my American Express Credit Card gets 15% off the a la carte dish from Yuzu in the Gardens, it has became one of my favourite Japanese restaurant. Abate, that the pricing here is a bit on the premium side but the quality of the ingredients here are of top grade. Some of the premium fishes and seafood are flown in twice a week.

Usually, I'll order from their normal menu until the staff show me a menu written on just two pages of plain paper without any photos. It's the Omakase menu (Chef's recommendation menu). Even though it's only two pages, there are a lot of dishes to choose from. The price range from RM 28 to RM 180 plus.

So, I ordered Toro Tataki Salad (RM48++). First time I had toro made this way, and it's one of the most expensive salad I ever had. Tataki is half cooked grilling style.

Toro Tataki Salad (RM48++)

I felt adventurous that evening, so I ordered Shirako in Ponzu sauce but too bad they were out of Ponzu sauce, so I was recommended deep fried Shirako instead. Oh, Shirako is Cod Fish's Sperm Sacs. It tasted quite good, silky smooth and a texture like tofu. Also, there's no fishy taste at all. Try it if you like tofu =P

Deep Fried Shirako

My adventure doesn't stop there because the last and third order is Omakase Sushi Course (RM120 ++), which literally means "surprise me, Chef".

Appetizers are Beef Stew with Daikon and Stir-fried long beans with prawn. The beef is le tender and juicy, and the daikon (radish) soaked up the sauce and yet still holding up. While the long bean is not too wowing the prawn is quite springy.

The dish is Sashimi consists of Hamachi (Yellow Tail), Salmon Belly and Maguro? The wasabi given here is not your normal one but the one freshly grated. The fishes were cut thick instead of the normal kiamsap thin cut. It's very fresh and juicy with fish oil.

Next dish is Grilled Mackerel if not mistaken. While it's quite good but it's just a little bit over cooked. The sides that look like kiwi fruit is something like sweet potato but less sweet.

One of my favourite dish of this course is the Homemade Tofu in Special Sauce. The tofu is so rich in soy that it was like eating very concentrated taufufa and drinking soy milk. Even if I don't put in the sauce, I can finish it plain. Also, it's so silky smooth.

I'm not sure whether the chef is out of idea or he just forgot that he served me the same dish in the appetizer at this course. The only different is that the portion is bigger.

Oyster from US is in season, so the chef made a grilled oyster on this 6th course. Not too common eating oyster this made this way. A special dipping comes with it.

While waiting for the next dish, I was starting to wondered whether the waitress put in Omakase Sashimi Course instead of Omakase Sushi Course because there is no sushi yet. Then, it came. OMG. Chutoro! Ikura! Anago! All are premium sushi! The chutoro is so rich in fish oil that my hand was oily when I ate it using my hand. I don't eat sushi using chopstick. This is sushi heaven.

Lastly, I washed down the dishes with a clear and thirst crunching Dobin Mushi. Nothing beats a clear broth of shitake, enoki, Japanese leek and Ginko nuts after courses of fishes and meats.

Dobin Mushi

Last last but not least. Dessert. I like the creme brulle.

I think the Omakase Sushi Course is quite value for money. If you are not a big eater, you can share this course with another friend, which will only cost RM60++ per person. Next time I'll try the Omakase Sashimi Course. Oh, please know that you might not get the same dishes that I ate here when you order any Omakase course because it depends on the chef and what ingredients he/she thinks that is good that day.

P.S. Too bad Omakase Sushi Course is not a la carte, so there's no discount.


T 236, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22847663

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