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Monday, March 26, 2012

We Made It - Guinness World Record

Yupe. I pledged on The Friendliest Day of the Year online. To verify that the 17th March 2012 was officially ‘The Friendliest Day of the Year’, Guinness World Record has spent the past 12 hours painstakingly counting the number of online pledges and the number of people who attended the St Patrick’s celebrations around the world for two GWR titles – the Most pledges received for a campaign and the Largest St Patrick’s Day celebration worldwide.

With a staggering 435,456 people joining the campaign around the world in the spirit of friendliness, GWR has confirmed two new Guinness World Records have been set, making St Patrick’s Day officially the world's ‘Friendliest Day of the Year’.

Not only did I pledged, I also celebrate together in the Largest St Patrick's Day celebration worldwide. I reached Changkat Bukit Bintang at around 6.30 p.m. where's the celebration for Malaysia will be held.

Everyone was ready for the celebration. Not long after I registered at the media area, I was brought to the Arthur Longue with other media to try to pour our own two-part Guinness Draught.

Not only that, we got to get our name engraved on a Guinness glass. Just happen Susan was working part-time as one of the engraver.

Blamed it on my bad writing that my Seow was spelled Seon lol.

It's back to the media area again for free flow of Guinness Draught and good food.

I'm dressed to the occasion.

Hmm...Ngeline didn't approve me on Facebook =(

It's a street party.

At about 9.45 p.m. it's time to launch the Friendliest Day of the Year. VIPs rode in on Harley's from the start of the street till the stage.

While I was following the entourage, I bumped into Sasha. Haven't seen her for a while already. Such a pleasant surprise.

We then walked to the stage together and then it's launched. Fireworks was then shot up. Here's a video of how's the atmosphere was like.

Everyone cheers to The Friendliest Day of the Year!!

We of course took the opportunity to take pictures with some of the characters.

Before I went home, I stopped by the Comedy Club and had a good laugh off jokes from our local comedian Dr. Jason (he's a real medical doctor by the way) and all the way from India, Papa CJ.

Thank you Guinness for a fun filled night. Hopefully next year's St. Patrick's Day will be even bigger and friendlier.