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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ogawa Bloggers Gathering

Last week, Nuffnang given me a chance to try out some Ogawa massage chairs and had a great time meeting up with the invited bloggers in Pavilion KL. There were about 50 bloggers having great dinner and playing games in TGIF. Nicole who came all the way from Malacca and stay in a hotel in Sunway doesn't have transport to go to Pavilion. So she called me up and I became her chauffeur.

After a scrumptious dinner in TGIF. We were separated into two groups to takes turn to visit the Ogawa outlet in Pavilion so that we can try out the massage products there.

The first thing that caught my eyes is the Ogawa SmartAire massage chair in front of the shop. It looks very comfortable to sit in. Truth and behold, once I was on it, it is really very comfortable.

Not only that, the Ogawa SmartAire can be tilted to Zero Gravity position which was inspired by Nasa Space shuttle seat. My legs was angled at about 126 degree give or take a few degrees. I felt like I was floating on air literally.

I work as a DBA in IT support line. So, during working days, I'll be sitting in front of the PC for long hours. This give me work injuries like back pain and stiff neck. With this Zero Gravity position and the comprehensive human hand-like massage roller giving my back and neck a good massage, I was in heaven.

According to David the experienced retail executive there. Frequent usage of Ogawa SmartAire in Zero Gravity position can help to correct my spinal alignment which I've misaligned due to bad sitting position in long hours. It also helps to reduce muscle tension, imagine me in the same position for hours, my muscle will be stiffed like hell. Not only that it also contribute to the improvement of blood circulation, some of you will know that a good blood circulation means good health. It can also reduce stress on the heart, stress is a cause for a lot of sickness.

With the unique auto leg extension, this is a suitable chair for tall people like me. I always found conventional massage chair isn't able to fit my whole leg at all. There's also 5 unique massage styles you can choose from, feel like having Swedish? Maybe Shiatsu, Vibration, Pulse-mode or Air Bag. No Thai style because Thai style is about twisting your bones and you don't want a massage chair to do that. The SmartAire comes with 25 air bags to give you a increased massage effectiveness. It doesn't only do massage on your back it also massage your calf and sole. Especially good if you sat or stand for long hours.

Click here for a more interactive look.

It felt so good sitting on the SmartAire that I almost fell asleep but because there's other waiting to try it, so I have to get off the chair before I have chance to take picture of me on it. Sigh.

I always like a good massage to help me relax and get some relief off my back pain and neck shoulder stiffness. I would have bought the Ogawa SmartAire home if I got credit left in my credit card. Ogawa is now having Hari Raya promotion that most of the products is selling at 50% discount.

Later, I was told there's a mother of all massage chair hidden in the corner of the shop, the most expensive massage chair in the outlet. Wei, most expensive wor, of course must go try try la.
Normal price is around RM 27,000. That day, it's selling at a discount price. This is the Ogawa Fujiryoki EC-3000.

Me on Cyber-Relax stage. I didn't even know Wingz was there.

David and I. He's very informative. He already with Ogawa for 5 years.

I also got to try out Ogawa CHI Master which is a foot massager that replicating the massage that you'll get when you are walking on stones path. Not only you'll get a foot massage, your back and waist will get massage too. A simple yet effective product. It's good to have one for you ladies that like to shop for hours wearing high heels. It's good for me too because I like foot massage.

Thomas and I trying out the Ogawa CHI Master.

While PamSong picked the massage chair from the colour. This is Ogawa Sensual.

Looks like she like it very much.

I think the Ogawa SmartAire is by far everyone's favourite due to it's design and air like experience. Look how relax Zac is while having a good massage on it. Don't it makes you want to have one in your living room?

On the side note. PamSong and Jun Jun Riko won themselves each an Ogawa EyeTune eye massager worth about RM 690. We play a game of Taboo 7 among the bloggers for elimination. I came in third. Sigh. Well, all of us got a U-Shape Neck Supporter from Ogawa in the goodies bag. It can vibrate to gives you a simple neck massage. Which is not back at all. Thank you Ogawa. I feel like singing, O....gawa Close To You.


CUMI & CIKI said...

looks super shiok for ..

Ewin Ee said...

wah. so nice wor

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